June 27, 2024

Google Launched 5 New Features for Chrome Mobile Users

Google is launching new Chrome actions, an address bar redesign, shortcut suggestions, trending searches, and sports cards for mobile users. These new Chrome features are targeting mobile users and giving them more than they can do with mobile browsers.

Google Launching 5 New Features for Chrome Mobile Users: eAskme
Google Launching 5 New Features for Chrome Mobile Users: eAskme

Google’s product manager, Mich Kim Sexton, has announced the launch of 5 new features on June 26, 2024.

5 Google Chrome Features for Mobile Users:

Google’s new Chrome features are available for Android and iOS users. With these features, it is easy for a user to search on the Chrome browser.

But first, you must have Chrome browser on your smart device:

New Chrome Actions to Search Local Areas:

New Chrome actions make it easy to search for new places in the local area. From businesses to restaurants, you can search for anything with ease. Use calls, read reviews, and get directions.

Right now, only Android users can access Chrome Actions; soon, these features will launch on Chrome’s iOS app.

New Chrome Actions to Search Local Areas: eAskme

New Chrome Address Bar:

Google Chrome has updated and redesigned its address bar for tablets. It is available on both Android and iOS tablets. With the new address bar, you can quickly return to the last page of the website.

New Chrome Address Bar: eAskme

New Chrome Shortcuts:

Google Chrome’s new shortcut suggestions launched on iOS and Android devices. Now, you can customize the Chrome browser. It is easy to add what you are most searching for to make it appear quickly. Your most searched page will be displayed at the top of the suggestions.

New Chrome shortcut suggestions: eAskme

Trending Searches:

Trending searches are not new to Android devices. Now, this feature will also be launched on the iOS Chrome app.

You can find trending searches under recent searches in the Chrome address bar.

Chrome Trending Searches: eAskme

Sports Cards in Discover Feed:

Chrome users are most interested in live sports events. Chrome’s Discover feed will not display sports cards on a tab page.

This feature is available on both iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is follow a team or share your interest.

Sports Cards in Discover Feed: eAskme


Google Chrome is adding more features to make it user-friendly. According to Statista, Chrome is the number one browser with a 63.6% market share. With new features, Google is targeting competitors' market share.

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