April 08, 2024

Common Blogging Mistakes

Blogging is a passion. We are writing this article for newbie blogger, who just dreaming about being a billionaire within matter of days. We all do mistakes when we do things, and we should learn from those mistakes. Same way a newbie blogger also do mistakes but if you can learn from your mistake then your mistakes can be milestones to your success. Here we will see the list of blogging mistakes that newbie bloggers usually make.

Common Blogging Mistakes : eAskme
Common Blogging Mistakes : eAskme
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Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid :

There are many mistakes that new bloggers make, some you can avoid but some till happen.

Lack of Knowledge

In 90% of cases a new blogger start blogging without the basic knowledge about blogging and the topic. I always recommend you to first get good knowledge of the topic on which you want to create a blog. If you do not have valuable and specific content then you blog can`t survive longer. Cover each and every single topic related to your niche, so when a visitor come on your blog, he find it useful and never go on anywhere else.

Damn Design

Newbie blogger have habit of adding more and more widgets, plugins and ads, which make your visitor suffer to see your content because it increase page load time of your blog. Blog should have neat and clean design, less ads and quick and awesome navigation. Do not mess up with the design of your blog.

If you want to make money from blog, then you should also be ready to make some investment. Buy premium theme, like Elegant theme for Wordpress.

Copying Content

This is the most common mistake that bloggers do by copying content of other sites without permission or without giving credit. People do not like to read same thing again and again which can be a big failure. It also bring you bad name. So to be a successful blogger, write content in your own way and in your own tone.

Lack Of Patience

Blogging is all bout patience and passion. It take time to create readership, get traffic, become a brand, have lots of fans etc. You want to have success, then you should have patience.

Blogging About Multiple Niche

I always prefer to work on niche blog as they are proved to be most profitable. If you keep lots of different topics like blogging, politics, supports etc together on one blog, then it make your readers confuse as the very next post they will find against their interest.  So always Blog on one niche.
Create a good business plan, choose a niche, create a blog and work extensively on it.

Blogging Without Goal

If you have no goal, you can never get success. When people make goal mostly they decide to make money in millions. But I recommend when you start a new blog your first goal should be getting readership, as it is one of the most important part to get continuous traffic.

Without Basic SEO Knowledge

You want your site on first page of Google, but you don`t have knowledge of search engine optimization, then how will you do it. It help you to get traffic for blog from search engines and search engines help your old posts to get continuous traffic, You should focus on good SEO tips and learn basics which will help you to get your blog rank in Google.

Basic seo includes optimized post titles, search engine friendly posts,  submitting sitemap, keywords, meta tags etc. You should learn how to do keyword research and  How to do Keyword research and how to do On-page optimization of articles.

Lack of Communication

If you can`t communicate with your readers, than you can`t make your blog a brand and also your visitors won`t turn into readers. It is needed that you keep communicating and helping your readers

Frequency of Updates

Many times I have seen new bloggers complain that they are not getting traffic and when i look on their blog I always found that they are not updating their blog regularly. if you don`t update your blog, you don`t give anything new to readers, they will never stick to your blog. We all like to know new things. So focus on writing for your readers. Ans always give them something new to read and discuss.

Bad English

English is the main part of your blog, until you not blogging in some other language. If you write blog in English, chances are that your blog get famous faster than blog of any other language. But when you write you have to focus on proper English, never make mistakes in writing words, create proper sentences and focus on grammar.

Grammatical Errors

Grammatical errors creates bad impression in your blog readers. We all want to give our readers something to remember, don`t make them remember your bad words.

Blogging Alone

"One and one can be Eleven". Same in Blogging if you blog alone you work hard and it took lot of efforts to promote. But when you blog with community, then you have a wide group of bloggers to read, give tips and suggestions, improve your blogging and promote your blog.

Join eAskme Blogging Community

Not Sharing Quality Experiences

People always love to read miracle and extraordinary things that have happened to you. Even I like to read what strange or wonderful happen to other bloggers or in their lives. These real life experiences also motivate people and they keep visiting your blog more. Blog about issues and how you fixed them share your achievements.


"Overconfidence is killer of Great Mind" : Gaurav Kumar

I always love to learn, you never know when your worst friend can teach you best lesson. Always keep your mind open for new ideas and always appreciate everyone. Learn from everyone and it will help you keep improving. When we talk about Blogging, learning is very necessary to be a successful blogger.

Lack of Visual Media Presence

Images on your blog represents the topics of your post and also your blog. Use catchy images that are related to your blog. Never use copyright images and images always show what your post is all about. Also create video channels on Youtube, get more YouTube subscribers, create your own videos and start promoting.

Lack of Social Media Exposure

Social Media Is one of the most important factor of SEO for bloggers. It now only bring you lot of traffic but also help you build a large number of readership effectively. Facebook is the king of social networks, but still there are many other popular that you should use like Google Plus, twitter, etc. Use Social sharing buttons on your sites or blogs, as it will improve sharing of your pages which in turn improve your blog traffic.

Neglecting Backlinks

Backlinks from high authority sites are the best way to improve your blog`s Pagerank. Only focus on Dofollow backlinks from High quality sites. The best way to do it is by Guest posting.

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Subscription option:

Give your visitors option to subscribe your blog. the more subscribers you have the more traffic you get easily.Use facebook, feedburner,  Email subscription, twitter profile etc to give options to your readers to subscribe your blog in which way they feel comfortable.

Linking out

If you are linking to other sites, make sure that you are linking to authority sites. it will help you in terms of SEO.

Accepting spam comments:

Many new bloggers forget the importance of comments and keep accepting every comment they receive. This is not a good habit. You should avoid spam comments as they are bad for the reputation of your blog.

About page and contact page:

I always love to read about and contact page of every quality blog. An About me page help readers to know about the plot of the blog and contact page give them option to contact you directly. These both pages are necessary for a successful Blog.

Final Words:

So this is the list of common Blogging Mistakes. Blogging is a lifelong process of learning and sharing. Work for your reader, choose the topic of your interest, write with quality information and you will find that people start following you.  I hope these Blogging mistakes help you to find out that what you should avoid doing. Learn from your own mistakes also. If you like this article, don`t forget to share on Twitter and Google plus. Happy Blogging!