December 27, 2014

Top Social Media Blogs That Everyone Should Follow

By Sonia
We all know that Blogging is a process of learning and sharing. There are so many popular blogger online who help you to learn everything through their articles. Today I am going to list Top best Social Media Blogs that everyone should follow.


Mashable is one of the top most and well known Social media blog. It has more than 2.4 million followers. It is highly readable and an authority blog. It`s Google Pagerank is 8.

Chris Brogan :

Social Media Blogs : easkme

Chris Bogan is a famous social networking expert. His blog has Goold Pagerank 6. He is famous for his writings about social networking and social media. He also help individuals to work efficiently.

Social Media Examiner:

Social Media Blogs : easkme

Social media examiner is a full fledged guide of social media world. You can find the best social media content on this site. It is also famous for organizing Social Media Success Summit in 2010.


Social Media Blogs : easkme

Kikolani is a famous blog for Blogging tips as well as social media tips and tricks.


Social Media Blogs : easkme

Darren Rowse run this blog. It is actually a multi authored blog. It is actually the best blog for twitter tips.

Brian Solis:

Social Media Blogs : easkme

If you don`t know Brian Solis then it means you don`t know the leader of thoughts. He is a famous author and thought leader in social media. When you read his post, you will find yourself that how great he is.

Social Media Biz:

Social Media Biz is the blog of J.D Lasica. It is a well known social media blog and a news site. It is actually a revolution in user friendly content. It is famous for fastest updates about social networks and web 2.0 sites.

The Social Media Marketing Blog:

This is the personal blog of Scott Monty . He share his thoughts and updates on social media, marketing, advertising for individuals, marketers, enterprise and agencies.


RotorBlog is Socialtimes now. It is famous for online communication news, social networking and Web 2.0 updates. This is one of the best source to those who use Internet to communicate.


Social Media Blogs : easkme

Michael Brito run this famous social media blog, which is very easy to read. It is famous for real time community engagements and social media.

So these are the best blogs, which I follow ad also recommend everyone to follow. If you do have any question or suggestion, feel free to share via comments.
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