September 28, 2015

How to OutRank Your Online Competitors? : Brainstorm

Do you worry about the "Competition"? Do you fear from dealing with your competitors? If yes, that means you should look for what makes others beat the competitors on their very ground. Everyday new business are coming online and competition is growing like anything.

How to OutRank Your Online Competitors Brainstorm: eAskme
How to OutRank Your Online Competitors Brainstorm: eAskme

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So the very first thing to stand in market is to face your competitors and outrank them to make yourself or your blog to be part of the market. This same theory work in world of blogging. Today I am sharing the tips shared by professional bloggers about how they OutRank their online competitors.

How to OutRank Your Online Competitors?

Authority is Key (Ron Sanders)

Page and Domain authority has shown a very high correlation with top rankings. So to keep things simple a blogger should work towards getting mentions on high domain. page authority pages.

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Here is a link to the Search Engine Ranking Factors proving this correlation:

HEre are some suggestions for bloggers for getting high authority links:

1. Guest Blogging - Although before writing a guest post make sure the blog you are posting too has high domain authority.

*You can use the browser tool to get the authority metrics of various websites.

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Usually all new content will start out with a page authority of 0. Although high authority domains usually get backlinks real quick which then boost up the authority of the page than a low domain authority website.

2. Setup high domain authority Web 2.0 profiles and link back to them from your blog. Specially a page on your blog with some existing page authority.

This will help pass the link juice down and create more authority being passed on to you. Make sure to include a link to your blog in your community profiles. And make sure the community website has a very high domain authority as well.

3. Ask to be mentioned or for a blogger to share your link on an existing high authority page. There are many posts out there which are very popular. Value could be added to these posts if they included a link to your relevant article.

This is just a matter of reaching out to influencer and asking them to share your content if they feel it will add value to there audience.

There are many different ways to build page authority although the key is to network. Reach out to influencer and ask them to share your content in any way they feel comfortable.

Whether it's a mention, a tweet or facebook share, it all helps Google consider you an authority which will boost your search engine rankings dramatically.

Best Way to Outrank your Competitor (Richa)

It has seen many times that site which is new or at the beginning stage on the Internet Outrank the existing and already famous sites. Most of us usually keep on thinking what was so special in that site and if someone ask us we usually say don't know but in reality there is something due to which our online competitors outranking us.

Lets have a look on them.
1.) Content: Content writing is the reason why competitors outrank us because if the subject matter will not be relevant, impressive and correct no one like to visit your site so it should be according to the above mention things.

2.)Site Construction: Construction or architecture of website is very important.  At time of creating website these thing should be taken into consideration site should be caught and easy to navigate.

3)Links: Back links are very necessary for every site as they will help you out to improve your rank. you need to focus on the quality of your website to get the good back links to your site.

Link Earning(Christopher Jan Benitez)

Earning as many links as possible from high-quality and authoritative publications is the known way of outranking your competitors. Links are like recommendations from websites, and these are what search engine spiders look for when crawling for relevant sites for keywords. The more links you have, the more chances of outranking your competitors.

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There are lots of ways on how to gain backlinks from different sites. My favorite tactic is strategic guest blogging, where you provide websites with high-quality and useful content. At the bottom of the post is your bio with a link pointing to your site. Other effective ways to earn links are broken link building and using The Skyscraper Technique by Brian Dean.

Be More Than The Competition..Be Yourself (Deshawn Keiner)

The trick to being better than the competition is to be unique. Visit sites that are within your niche and see how they operate. Look at how their site is setup and how they present their content. Jot down things you liked and things you didn't like. Then use your own personal experience and implement them into your blog post. Offer something the other sites don't. Offer personality, shine through your words. Remove the robotics of it all. Be personal and genuine. You may think these things can not help you but believe me they make a huge difference. People like to read what they can relate to. In order to be ranked high you have to cover the basics. Once you cover that part then move on to blogging communities. Blogging communities are amazing and will help you receive a substantial amount of views. If you need anymore help feel free to read my article "Blogging Communities: The Key To Blogging Success" I give a list of wonderful blogging communities that can help you boost up your views, which will also boost your rank on Google. If you need anymore info or just want to chat about this crazy blogging world I'm here.

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How to Outrank Your Competitors? (Irina)

Analysis of competitors is one of the necessities for any Internet marketer and SEO experts. I am using SE Ranking to monitor website rankings and backlinks. This tool collects a list of top competitors and I just choose those competitors that I want to track and analyze their website data with Google Analytics integration.

Broken Backlinks (ALEX)

Look for content roundups.  Once you find a nice list or resource.  Use the tool Check My Links.  Find broken links.  Then head over to  Find out what the page was about.  Finally take the broken link and put it in ahrefs.  Ahrefs has launched new SEO Toolbar. Look at the backlinks.  If you have at least 30 this is a good piece of content.  Then make a similar piece of content that is better.  Fixing broken links is an effective SEO tactic.

Once you have the content published on your website.  Outreach to the other blogs that linked to it.  Pitch them the new updated piece of content.  Now you have a whole new piece of content.  With awesome links on the way.

So these are the tips that will surely help you understand the basics to outrank your online competition. if you have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.