Make Your Presence on the Internet in Affordable Prices

Is there a tussle to buy a domain name for the web presence of your new business?  Are you already out of the budget to spend a huge amount on getting a domain name? Are not sure how to streamline everything at a time? If yes then here is a remedy for all your problems and this will surely aid you to accomplish your dreams within your budget.

Make Your Presence on the Internet in Affordable Prices: eAskme
Make Your Presence on the Internet in Affordable Prices: eAskme

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There is nothing so confusing about the domain name and web hosting as it is easy as a pie. Domain name registration is buying a name for your new business and getting it patent for you or you can say the url or name of your site which can be purchased from any domain name registrar.

Domain name is based on the procedure of DNS (Domain Name System) and the name which is registered under DNS is technically a domain name.

 On contrary web hosting is to attain wider coverage for your website which requires the files to be uploaded to the server first and that is web hosting. So the process is quite simple and that is to get your domain name first and then web hosting.



The impeccable daddy among all the Domain registrar websites and one of the most widely held is GoDaddy from where you can get your domain name for your new business at pocket-friendly prices.

It is a web hosting and domain name registrar website which was a big controversy in the past but has retained its reputation now.

It is a good option for a small scale and independent startup who have low budget initially as it cost only $ 1.99 per year and the real cost is $ 10 per year for the first time. is a complete online remedy under one roof which provides services like domain name, web hosting, VPS hosting, website builder, professional web designing etc.

Here you also get a wide range of domain names from economical to a lavish range for your newly born organization. With you can buy a domain at just $ 9.99 per year and it is one of the most popular options for a tyro. is an ICANN accredited domain registrar website which provides solutions for web hosting, domain name, and website building. It becomes convenient to get domain name & web hosting all under one roof which will ease the procedure for its customers.

The offers various cost-efficient plans with a vast range of plans as per your budget and it starts from $ 10.99 per year. Apart from this they also provide tools which help you to manage your emails, hosting and DIY website builder which makes it more preferable to other choices.


Namecheap is a leading domain registrar & web hosting company which is ICANN-accredited with WhoisGuard privacy protection service also. They have moderately priced plans with customer contentment services.

With Namecheap, the domain is as cheap as $ 10.69 per year and domain like .org and .net are available at $ 11.48 per year. You can save a good amount by checking Web Hosting offers online which will enable you to buy domains at a discounted price.

Network solutions        

Network Solution is a domain name registrar company which is an eminent name in the industry with its inexpensive services making it a key player in the competition. Apart from domain name registration it also deals in web hosting, website design, and online marketing.

It is one of the oldest name in the market as it was founded 39 years ago which makes it a team of experienced and intellect members and so it is reasonably priced at $ 35 per year which is not that cheap as compare to others in the market but they maintain their own standard in terms of prices and services.


As alluded by the name it is a web hosting company which also help you to register a domain name for your business. This is another affordable option for a novice organization because if you consider this option for web hosting then they don’t charge you for registering your domain name which is actually a rock-bottom.

While planning to buy a domain name and a web hosting service then surely check hosting offers online to get the best deals. Blue host is chosen over other companies due to its immaculate service which is available round the clock.


HostGator perfectly fits the list as it is one of the most economical options for someone who is looking for budget-friendly company as it cost as low as $ 4.99 per month which is a giveaway deal.

HostGator offers that if you purchase a package of services along with domain name then you will be astonished to know that they offer 99.9% uptime. It is a very good platform form for greenhorn as well as experienced also as it is a user-friendly website also which makes your experience congenial.


Hover was founded in 2008 and is part of TUCOW Incorporated. Hover is domain name registration company and TUCOW is second largest ICANN-accredited domain name registrar in the world. The process of Hover is very much streamlined as they don’t deal in hoards of services so you will be only offered domain name registration and it will be very expedient for you to do it.

Their service starts at just $ 12.99 per year which is moderately priced and for renewal prices is $ 14.99. Hover is a tremendous player in the competition as they just offer domain name registration which makes it the most proficient name because there focus is not diverted to other businesses and upselling of other services making you baffled.


Gandi is a French-based company which was founded in 1999 and provides services like web hosting, domain name registration, blog hosting service, and related services. It is a key player with 700 extensions and manages over 1.5 million domain name globally.

Gandi is straightforward in terms of their pricing policy and its services start at $ 15.50 for domain name registration and domain transfer at $ 8.00 which is quite reasonable.

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DreamHost provides services like web hosting and domain name registration. They have few astounding features like they offer seamless domain name extensions and free domain name privacy with easy control over your domain’s settings which makes it a most favorable and customer-centric company.

They have a durable refund policy and also they don’t render discounts if you already have a domain name as it is same for all. With DreamHost, it will cost you $ 13.95 per year to register a domain name which makes it more high-priced than other companies.


  1. Never opt for a very costly Domain Name Registrar website as it will be in vain instead consider the prices and the actual cost involved while buying a Domain name.
  2. Make sure that the Domain Name Registrar which you are choosing should be ICANN registered as that gives an assurance of being collaborated with a bona fide organization.
  3. While buying a Domain name just ensure to check the actual cost involved and make sure there is no hidden charges and policy which may be a reason for remorse later.
  4. Make sure that the domain name registrar you are choosing should be user-friendly because if you are a tyro then it can be a hassle for you to manage it.
  5. Check domain transfer fees as you may not like to stick to your current domain registrar forever so few charges a nominal fee and few do it for free.

This comprehensive procedure may seem to be very nerve-racking but actually, it is very painless and you will be well versed with it once you get it done for your own company.

Starting a new business is not easy but buying a domain for your business is surely a cinch and with these websites, it is affordable also. So which domain service is your choice now?