February 25, 2019

10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO

Since the childhood, we are in a race to come first. The person who comes early get maximum attraction and no one cares who comes the second.

The same thing applies to your business when it comes to rank in search engine results. To go first or make your content rank first for some keywords or queries you need to do a lot of things that I call SEO.

10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme
10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme
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SEO may not be an easy task for the blogger who is new to this term or who are not using the available SEO tools to their full potential.

I always teach people that how they can make money with blogging by optimizing content with the help of SEO tools.

I still recommend that you should use only premium SEO tools and free SEO tools come with a lot of limitations and errors.

Few of the most popular premium SEO tools are;

There is no doubt that paid SEO tools always work better as compared to any free SEO tool.

But there is an SEO tool which is free yet offer top quality results, and that is “Google Trends.”

Google Trends is the most powerful to do Keyword research and find favorite topics, yet it is the most underutilized SEO tool.

Google Trends is the best place to trim your SEO efforts and give them the proper shape.

Remember: To get the maximum out of Google Trends, you need to understand how to use it and discover viral trends for your business.

Now let's see what should you must understand about Google Trends before you start using it.

1) Start to filter:

There was a time when Google trend had a lot of things that may confuse you but not it is simpler than ever. Now you can easily explore trends even before you start narrowing your search.

10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme

  • Go to Google Trends
  • Enter the targeted keyword/main keyword
  • Hit Enter
  • Now Google trends will show you the options to filter.
10 Ways to Use Google Trends for Better SEO: eAskme

You can use the Worldwide option to target the specific geographical market.

Time selection option is there for you to find short-term trends and long-term trends by choosing different time selections.

The category helps you filter the unnecessary trends that you are not interested in.

Search type is also helpful to find what you are looking.

Google trends cover more than 10 billion monthly searches in the USA alone. So you start on a significant level and begin filtering the information to find the most relevant trends.

2) Context:

Looking for realistic trends then Google trends is the best place for you. It shows the results based on the keyword you have entered. It analyzes the popularity of trends and shows the exact results.

For example; I searched “Star Wars,” viral movie series and here what I see the result of past one months.

This shows the popularity of the trends.

now if I change the date to "2004-present", it shows.

This heartbeat pattern looks more stable. You should never ignore the context.

Recover from the blind spots, and you will have the deep insight of searched trend.

How you can improve context;
  • Use +Compare for new keywords
  • Filter by category or country
  • Web searches

3) Use Specific Search options to get advanced results

You have filtered the trends with some basic options. Now it is the time to try some specific search options to get advanced results.

Following are the five options you should use;
  1. Web Search
  2. Image Search
  3. News Search
  4. Google Shopping
  5. YouTube Search
Each option will display results according to the market and segment.

More options will help you sort queries.

Each option will display results according to the market and segment.

More options will help you sort queries.

You will see trends and how they are rising.
  • Click on “Rising” to find top keywords.
  • Click on “Rising” to find hot trends.
Google trends provide you constructive suggestions. You should use this idea to optimize your content with new trends.

Always look for hot trends before they reach the breakout point. It will help you get the top position with latest articles.

4) Target Location:

You can take advantage of Google trends to focus on targeted keyword. You should also aim the location to find the best results. You may discover zero in some specific location, but you should not worry about such outcome.

The result of “Star Wars” trends shows that people living in Utah are more interested.

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Now when you click on Utah, you will see the regions with the highest interest. This research will help you to plan your PPC campaign for local search.

5) Trend predictions

Do you know that you are not the only one researching Google Trends? There are search engine marketers who are fetching the same data like you and optimizing that data to rank high in search results.

Now the question is what more you should do to outrank your competitors?

The answer is simple, start predicting trends by analyzing the behavior on Google trends.

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Google Trends helps you to quickly predict what can be the hot trend in coming days.

How you can do this:
  • Filter by countries and categories to get relevant data to identify and predict trends.
  • Compare two keywords in a single trend.

6) Inspire Content with Long Tail keywords:

You may not find it easy to rank higher in SERP for “Star Wars.” But you can still get the top position on SERP by using the long tail phrase of this keyword.

For you:  
Look for the most relevant query in Google Trends to get a more in-depth insight of what you are looking. Cross-reference such questions to get a proper idea.

7) Get Additional Insight by using top charts:

Browse "Top Charts."

The top chart works as the chart of top 100 queries. You can easily find high trending items according to various categories.

Sort most searched and Trending insights.

8) Use Video Optimization Data:

For example; you have posted a video about "History of start wars."

  • Enter "search terms."
  • Search in "YouTube Search."
  • Check out "Related Topics" and "Related Queries"
  • Sort by Rising or Top.
From this search you will find out that people are searching "star wars trailer last jedi" This will help you write better title and description.

9) Brand Positing with Cyclical Trends:

For example; If you are searching for "Wedding Boutique" then you will see the result like this.

For example; If you are searching for "Wedding Boutique" then you will see the result like this.

This shows that wedding is not affected by holidays.

You can plan future posts on keywords to handle cyclical trends. You will be writing next posts even before your competitor can think about it.

10) Read Trends carefully and find out blind spots:

Now, let's look at the current trend such as "Oscar Awards." You will see a keen interest in this topic.

But if you give a close look then you will quickly identify that as the topic goes off the air, the trend will hit bottom. This is where you can define blind spots.

Final Words:

There is no doubt that Google trends have changed and updated a lot in past few years. Still, it follows some basic rules.

If you are willing to drive yourself to the search beyond just a snapshot, then you will be amazed by the more in-depth insight and results.

Remember: Stick with your keyword or queries, until you find the best insight.

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