May 29, 2019

Requirements According to the Shops and Labour Acts

Running a shop or employing labour to work at your business or establishment has a couple of registrations that need to be handled.

The State Government makes it mandatory to follow the labour laws when employing people at your place of work.

Requirements According to the Shops and Labour Acts: eAskme
Requirements According to the Shops and Labour Acts: eAskme

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An establishment can be shut down for not meeting the labour standards or following the rules.

Contract labour refers to people who have been hired to be part of the establishment through a contractor.

The reason for labour laws and the shops and establishments Act to be in place is to make sure there is some uniformity across the workplace and that the basic rules are kept.

Getting a labour licence for your establishment.

One of the main requirements when working with contract labour is a minimum staff limit.

An enterprise should have a minimum of 20 staff to have all the rules in place.

This number may vary across states and in some cases, industry.

If you are a contractor, planning on working in a similar line, you have to begin by getting yourself registered in the space before you can employ labour.

Shops and Establishments Act

All shops and offices have to register for the Shops and Establishments Act which needs a couple of documents that have to be submitted to get the process rolling.

A list of the required documents has been mentioned below.

Details that have to be added to the form are
  • Name of the employer and establishment
  • Postal address of the establishment
  • Category
  • Number of employees working
  • The date on which the establishment commenced work
Additional documents that have to be submitted are
  • Commercial Address Proof
  • Identity Proof 
  • Other licenses required to start a business
  • PAN Card
  • Fee Payment Challan
These rules are also needed to make sure work hours, breaks, and a proper working environment are maintained.

Furthermore, after submitting all the documents, there is also an inspection to be conducted to make sure that all the terms are met.

After 30 days of running, all offices need to apply for the same and failing to do so has some serious penalties including fines that could also lead to the closing of the business.

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