June 11, 2019

3 Essay Writing Tips to Get You through College Admission

It is very difficult to get admission in your dream college with so many applicants trying to snatch your dream to get enrolled in the college you want to add in your academic accolades. Many applicants would have a similar academic record, extracurricular activities, achievements, and transcript as yours.

Then where lies the difference?
3 Essay Writing Tips to Get You through College Admission: eAskme
3 Essay Writing Tips to Get You through College Admission: eAskme

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The answer is college admission essay – the piece of writing which will set you apart from others by glorifying your unique aspects that nobody else can have.

Writing an essay might seem like a formality, and you think to scribble a few words to fulfill this chore.

But an essay is not merely a useless piece of writing which you think nobody will read.

It will be the most significant attachment of your admission form for the selection board when it has to select candidates with similar high school GPA and test scores.

So, it is very essential to write a winning essay which will compel the board to decide why you should be their pick?

It is not easy to write such a compelling essay, that is why many students hire the services of professional essay writers. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t give it a try!

Here are given some tips which you should consider if you are planning to write your essay on your own:

Know What the Admission Board Wants:

Every college wants to give admission to students who can bring glory to their college and earn them a good name among other colleges.

You should show them that you can!

Most colleges look for these things in the students, students who will:
  • Successfully get through till the end.
  • Contribute to the glory of college.
  • Be a role model for other students to encourage a healthy environment.
And obviously, you can prove all this by saying I can do this; I can do that.

But instead of saying, show them all this by telling compelling stories and meshing scenarios which will show your true self.

Identify the Highlighting Point:

Every applicant will try to present itself as an ace student with high dreams, incomparable passion, ambitious spirit, and responsible soul.

It is understandable why applicants base their essay goals on these points – that is what the admission board wants.

But if you will also highlight the same points, then how your application will be set apart from others?

It is good to exhibit yourself in light of these attributes, but it is better to keep your highlighting point different, unique, something that will amuse the selection board.

Even if you want to focus on the same points, it is better to write them differently so that despite being similar, they appear to be different and unique.

Try to Be Focused:

After brainstorming, you might have come up with so many ideas that it seems hard to fit them all together.

But you feel so overwhelmed that you want to pack them all in one essay by hook or by crook.

Don’t do that!

It will not only make your essay look stuffy; in fact, it will also stray you from the focus point. And it will be a fatal thing for your essay.

Be precise and keep focused – that is the winning strategy.


The college admission process is a never-ending panic ride, and writing an admission essay is part of it.

Don’t panic!

All the students have to pass through this phase; you can also do it.

Just be calm, strategic, and follow these tips – all will be good.

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