September 16, 2019

Top 8 Expert Advices to Make Your Blog More Valuable and Attractive

By Sona Mathews
A recent report conducted by a notable institute states that approximately 33% of the entire internet runs on WordPress.

Further, there are several thousands of WordPress blogs launched on an everyday basis.

So, be it a slow-paced shared hosting plan or a blazingly fast WordPress host, competing has never been harder.

However, if you are seeking minimum hassle and maximum performance, we recommend using a managed WordPress host.

Top 8 Expert Advices to Make Your Blog More Valuable and Attractive: eAskme
Top 8 Expert Advices to Make Your Blog More Valuable and Attractive: eAskme

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Now, as you might have known and experienced, starting a blog is relatively easy.

However, ensuring that it keeps growing and gains popularity with time is the real challenge.

Unfortunately, even if you regularly post excellent blog content, your blog wouldn’t automatically become accessible.

So, what do you do?

Fret not!

We are here to help you.

Thus, we have summed up eight expert advises to make your blog seem more attractive and valuable. Let’s get started.

Focus on a Niche

A lot of people start a blog to write about their self, their life, the universe, and possibly everything, around.

Now, the problem with this is that such posts might appeal to some.

However, the audience of such blogs does not come back to the portal again and again.

Gitanjali, who works with TFTH and offers assignment help Australia shares her experience of having a personal blog. She states that to write a popular blog, one needs to focus on one or two niches and frequently write about them.

In case, you feel that you cannot write about one niche that much, you must gradually try broadening your topic, as the traffic on your portal grows.

Be Trustworthy

For your blog to be more valuable, you have to make it trustworthy. Google looks for trustworthiness in your blog.

So, how do you build the integrity of your blog?

You can do this either by automatic ranking algorithm or via human quality checkers.

Trustworthiness is particularly vital if you have a blog that speaks about monetary or health issues.

However, in the long-run, it applies to every type of blog. Thus, whatever topic you choose from writing, do ensure that you have enough expertise in writing about that topic.

Only then you can expect it to become famous.

So, how can you depict your expertise while blogging?

The precise mechanism for this is not known.

However, the basic rule is that it relies massively on the links coming from the trusted website.

Please remember that link building is crucial and isn’t something you should do unnaturally. 

Use the Search Console of Google

The Google Search Console was previously known as the Webmaster’s Tools. It is a free service by Google which offers feedback on things such as:

  • The performance of your blog in the search results
  • 404 or the other errors appearing on your blog
  • Mobile Compatibility of your blog
  • Indexability such as the broken sitemaps or the inaccessible pages along with the technical issues that Google might be experiencing with your blog.
It is a free service from Google and is easy to set up and completely free to use.

Make it mobile compatible

Today, nearly half of all the web search is done on the mobile device.

Lisa Hayden, who works with PaperDoers and receives requests from people who wish to buy term paper online shares her opinion on the same.

She says that the number of mobile searching is incredibly high and is going to rise exponentially in the future.

So, if your website doesn’t work fine on mobile, or it takes too long to load on a limited connection like 3G or if it scales badly, you are going to lose a lot on your potential visitors.

You need to take mobile-first indexing seriously. Mobile-first indexing means that if your site has mobile related issues, it will automatically be shown lower in the search results for the mobile users.

Now, how can you make your website more mobile friendly?

Simple, all you have to do is pick a design for your website that scales well.

When you are searching for themes, opt for the ones that are tagged as ‘responsive’.

Mostly all the themes offer a preview feature which helps you see how the selected theme will look on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Check for all these previews and then make a selection. 

Use your social networking platforms for the promotion

The most significant source of social traffic, without you having a massive following is Reddit.

Though Reddit works incredibly well if someone shares your content, self-promotion is also allowed.

However, make sure you keep up a sensible ratio in self-promotion.

You cannot just use your Reddit account for only self-promotion.

It is equally essential for you to be an active member of the community and appreciate other people’s content too.

Only then, people will comment back on your posts. Always be prepared for brutally honest, negative feedback.

If you are ever seen abusing the system, Redditors won’t be friendly to you. In addition to Reddit, there is Twitter too.

However, in my personal opinion, when it comes to traffic generation, Twitter is the least effective.

Facebook also isn’t beneficial unless you use paid promotions. Pinterest, however, is an effective platform if you have a lot of visual content.

But in this too, the content gets more popular, if it is not just you who’s doing all the posting.

Instagram is also popular, and here you can reach out to influencers to promote your blog or content. 

Keep Visitors on Your Blog

If you have content which your visitors can relate to, they will automatically be interested in it.

You can use a plugin called ‘related posts for WordPress’ to help you get started.

Saksham, who recently used EssayWriter4U to buy college essays online owns a blog and says, he always makes it a point to post blogs on topics which are latest and intriguing for the readers

It is perhaps a great way to drive more traffic.

Engage Your Readers

Whenever, a reader comments on your post, acknowledge it.

If they have a query on your blog, do not leave it unanswered.

Keeping your users engaged is an ideal way for them to feel a part of your blog or website.

Do not give up

Lastly, blogging is not something you start today, and it will bring you fantastic returns immediately.

You have to be patient and keep at it. Do not give up and keep posting shareable content which will interest your audience.

So, follow these eight tips from the experts, and you are certainly going to keep your audience engaged and interested!

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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