August 02, 2020

Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach

Link, backlinks, link building, no matter you love them or hate them, but you still need them to improve your search engine ranking.

An SEO expert can never ignore the importance of high-quality backlinks.

Still, the world is looking for the right way to generate high-quality inbound links.

Where many SEO professional follows the rule to stay white hat strictly, some others follow ethically flexible methods.

Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme
Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme

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But, no matter you are an SEO professional or running an SEO agency, you always want more and more links in a natural way.

When it comes to link building, you may have tried many things, but nothing can compete with the power of natural link building methods.

Natural Link Building:

Natural link building is a way to earn links without buying or asking for them yourself. This means that you will plainly put your hands out of guest posting, buying links, outreach, etc.

Then how will you do that?

In natural link building, the focus is on creating excellent pieces of content which will attract others to link to your website or blog post.

It sounds easy, but it takes a lot of hard work, time, and patience.

The best way to build links is by including natural link building in your existing link building strategy.

What are the Benefits of Natural Link Building?

What are the Benefits of Natural Link Building?: eAskme

You need to understand that traditional link building and natural link building are different things, and that is why they both have different benefits.

The significant benefits of natural link building are;

Here are the few merits of natural link building which makes naturally earned links the star of the show;


Recognition and branding are the significant benefits of natural link building.

When your content gets published in top news or industry publications, it increases the popularity of your brand.

Link growth at the multiplying rate:

When your website earns links from highly popular industry website, then it also increases the chances to earn links from many blogs.

This way, it will help you earn more and more links.

Social Shares:

There is no doubt that the content which attracts more backlinks also attract more social shares.

Building Strong relationships:

When you are earning backlinks for your blog or website, it is also the right time to engage with influencers in your industry.


What can be more rewarding than watching your website earning 100% natural links? This will increase your confidence to produce more impactful content.

Natural link building not only brings traffic, links, and ranking but is also improve the overall performance of your brand.

Natural backlinks are undoubtedly the best way to earn high-quality links without spending a dime.

What Should You Do to Make Other Websites to Link to Your content naturally?

What Should You Do to Make Other Websites to Link to Your content naturally?: eAskme

If you do not include outreach in your link building strategy, it doesn't mean that you have to sit and pray for the link to fall in love with your content.

There are always a few things that you have to make every strategy effective.

Same applies to natural link building.

There are a few things that you must do to attract links without asking for them.

The main point is to create an impressive piece of content and market that on various social and industry platforms.

Remember: If no one knows you, no one can link to you. You need to make your website, blog, or business known.

And, here I am sharing these things which will help you increase the potential of your content and earn links naturally.

Content marketing:

Content is the essential thing that you need to market any product, service, business, or brand. It is the soul of an impactful link building strategy.

To attract links naturally, you need to create link-worthy content.

Traditional link building method will take you on the path of buying links or asking other sites to link to your content or exchanging guest post.

But natural link building you have to work differently.

Evergreen content or pillar content is the first thing that you ever need to attract links from high authority websites and improve SEO ranking.

If your content ranks better in search, then other sites also like to link back to your content.

Active marketing on various channels will also help your content to expand it’s reach and grab more links.

Social media:

In today’s world, not even a single person can ignore the importance of social media networks.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other networks are making people spend hours online and engage with everything that they find on such networks.

This tells that social media networks also are a good place for marketing your content for attracting more links.

Twitter allows you to add the link in your bio and also separately in the website section. I am not saying that this will help to increase your brand authority, but it will surely help you to get traffic regularly.

On LinkedIn, you can add upto three links in your profile. Not only that, but you can also attach documents and videos.

These are the critical options to grab traffic, increase visibility, and generate more leads with the help of your content.

Rather than just dropping your link in a graveyard social media channels allow you to market your links to grab more eyes.

Tip: share only highly engaging and relevant content that others find attractive on your website, and it will help you earn link opportunities.

Editorial links:

Editorial link is one of the best examples of natural link building. You can only earn an editorial link if you have fantastic content and use the best marketing techniques.

Editorial links are best to gain authority and prove the legitimacy of a business, brand, product, or service.

You can only attract editorial links by publishing the latest events and trends on your website or blog.

The big reason is that editorial sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur prefer highly resourced content.

You can find the latest trends by keeping your eyes on;

  • Google trends
  • Google News Stories
  • Twitter Trending Topics
  • Bing Trending Topics
Write your own expert tips/opinion or suggestion on the trending topics and share it on every possible platform.

If you can predict the future and influence the trends, then you will earn links like a running tap. This will help to increase your chances to rank better in organic search.

Resource Pages:

As we are discussing the highly valuable ways to build link naturally, let’s talk about how resource pages can help you here.

Resource pages are the most trusted pages of a website. At a resource, page webmaster features evergreen content of highly valuable resources such as eBooks, Interviews, Tools, videos, guides, etc.

It usually works as the toolkit for the visitors.

Some sites limit resources pages to blog posts only. But you need to do more and create an all in one resource page that others love to link back.

This is also an excellent way to incentivize others who are linking to you.

Resources pages are the great way to target keywords link;

  • ____Tips
  • ____ Guides
  • How to____
People who are looking for the answer rot a question can find the resource page quite helpful.

The best example of a resource page is here;


Quora: Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme is not just a question-answer site but is a knowledge-sharing portal. On this site, people find the answers to almost all the questions. More than 200k people are visiting this site every month.

To earn links from Quora, you need to focus on adding value. Don’t just drop your link but focus on providing a solution.

Stick to your niche and answer the questions. Showcase your expertise and add a link to a highly valuable resource.

The users can link to those sites where they find the most authentic information or resources.


Haro: Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme

HARO (Heal a Reporter) is a popular platform where publishers and reports connect. It is the place where the world is looking for expert advice or sources in the shape of article or information.

The publication will link to your content if they find the information with value.

Similar to Quora, your focus should be on providing value, not link. Your selfless effort or expert information will help you earn links.

It is free to join HARO and answer queries to increase your chances to earn natural links.

Web Tools:

Creating web tools also help to build tons of backlinks.

The best example is Ubersuggest. This one tool has helped Neil Patel to earn the massive number of links.

WebTools: Ubersuggest: Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme

If your tool is beneficial for the users, then even the influencer sites will help to link back to your tool page.

You can create the following tools, such as;

A tool will only help you earn natural links if it allows users to perform the job quickly. You can even hire developers to create the tool.


Write an eBook or hire an expert writer to do the job. Make sure that your eBook will lead the industry, and it will generate tons of natural backlinks.

Writing an eBook with authoritative content will set you apart from the crowd.

Ryan Biddulph is one of the best examples of eBook writers.

When writing an ebook, focus on providing more value than words.

Your eBook should be able to stand the test of the time, and it will earn many natural links every year.


Reddit: Natural Link Building: 12 Impactful Ways to Earn Links Without Doing Outreach: eAskme

Reddit is a great platform to find potential ideas for the next blog post, generate backlinks, and to increase brand exposure.

On Reddit value will convert into backlinks.

Create an Account and completely ignore the SEO topics. Only be a natural user.

Increase your Karma score by proving the best answers to questions in subreddits. Sometimes also drop a link but only when it is necessary.

When other users find your content interesting, they will not only share your content but also link to it.

Ego Bait Content:

I have already explained ego baiting techniques and how to use it.

It simply follows a rule where tit for tat become positive.

It is a way where you create, including industry experts and encourages them to link back to such content.

Some best examples of ego baiting content are;

  • Awards
  • “Best of” articles
  • Expert Roundup posts
  • Expert Directories
  • Expert Interviews


Build a relationship with industry experts, and you will earn more links then you think. Not only that, but you also get a brand mention on social channels and exposure.

The more people like you, the more they share your content.

You feature them or share their posts, and they will do the same.

But make sure you do it with the right intention.

Video Marketing:

Videos are playing an important role in SEO strategies. Like people, SEO professionals are also interested in more and more video content.

But it is not easy for everyone to become a video marketing expert.

Most of the time, SEO’s take advantages of YouTube to find the related videos for their next or first blog post.

You should think about creating videos and publishing them on YouTube. This will increase the chances to get your content featured on other websites.

This will increase traffic to your videos and sometimes also bring the link back to your website or blog post.

Final Words/Conclusion:

Link building is not limited to guest posting, influencer outreach, or cold emailing.

It is more effective when you provide value first and then start attracting links naturally.

You cannot do natural link building without efforts.

It will be more beneficial if you mix natural link building techniques with your existing link building strategies.

These natural ways of link building will help you build links from various sources and also increase brand signals.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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