August 24, 2020

How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression?

You need to write first blog post to start a blog...

Blogging is the way to live a life where you can live with money freedom and time freedom.
Means you have your own rules to run your business.

This is the beauty of blogging business and this is what you want.

Blogging is the only way to get money, name, and fame.

But to get maximum out of your blogging efforts, you need to do the right thing on right time.

After you launch your blog the next thing is to write blog posts.

How to Write First Blog Post for Leave an Impression: eAskme
How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

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Your first blog post should be completely focused on the basics of your blogging business. The wrong post can ruin your reputation as a passionate blogger. When you do it in the right way, your blog gains authority and popularity.

When writing your first post you should keep in mind that readers must visit your blog again and again. This can only happen if your first post-effective to leave an impression.

Your blog writing must attract visitors and bind them with your blog. This will help your first-time visitors to come to your blog again and again.

The problem is that most of the bloggers do not take it seriously. After installing WordPress bloggers start publishing anything to fill their blog with thin content.

The truth is, this is the biggest blogging mistake.

The bitter truth is that if you fail to attract reader with the first post then you will never make them visit your blog again.

Now you understand the importance of writing the first blog post with focus. It is the time to find out How to write an influential first blog post.

How to Write First blog Post for Success?

Your first blog post displays how focused and professional you are. There are a few important things that you must include in your first post to make it effective.


Introduction: How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

At the beginning of your blogging business, most of the world does not know anything about you.

To build trust it is necessary that you should share about yourself.

Sharing about yourself help people easily connect with your blog.

You should tell them about;
  • Your experiences
  • Your blog post
  • Who are you
To establish trust it is necessary to share more about yourself with your readers. The more your readers trust you the more they will visit your blog and the more questions they have for you.

Share your pics and relate them with your blog post. Also, talk about yourself and share your life story.

Don’t hide behind your content.

To make your blog look genuine and real it is necessary to share your pics. This is necessary to build trust.

Don’t hide anything. Tell everything that you believe your readers must know. It will help your readers connect with you.

The reason for your blog:

Reason for your blog: How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

The reason for your blog is an important thing to discuss. If people do not know the reason why you are blogging then you cannot build trust.

When you answer questions focus on the readers in your mind.

When writing first blog post share about:
  • Why someone should visit your blog?
  • What your readers look for on your blog?
  • Why readers should expect from your blog?
Tell the reason why readers should visit your blog and they will find it interesting.

What your blog is about?

What your blog is About: How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

This is an important question. You must answer this to tell your readers what your blog is all about. This is necessary to set expectations.

Readers have the right to know what they should expect from your blog.

It is necessary to share what they will find on your blog.

Alo shares that how many time in a week or month you will update or publish new posts.

Rather than just filling your blog with useless content, write focused articles.

This is necessary to gain authority.

Who are you writing for?

Who are you writing for? How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

Your first post should be focused on your target audience.

It should be clear in your post that;
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are their interests?
Welcome your readers with your first post. This will also help to build trust.

Write influential story to influence your audience.

How can visitors engage with your blog/content?

How can Visitors engage: How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

It is necessary for you, your blog and readers to know how readers should engage with others.
  • How readers can leave a comment
  • How to share posts
  • Guest posting
  • Readers can send emails?
Tell them how they can connect with you.

Your readers can have a lot of questions. It is the best way to let them the multiple ways to connect with you.

When you let visitors ask questions be ready for disagreements and objections. Always respond positively.

Always give options to grab feedback from visitors.

If you accept calls or provide chat support then share the timings.

Your Blogging Goals:

Blogging Goals: How to Write First Blog Post to Leave an Impression: eAskme

It is important to share your blogging goals with your readers.

In the first post talking about;

What do you want to achieve with your blogging efforts?

What will you publish in coming days or weeks?

Sharing your goals will help you to be transparent with your blog readers.

Remember: Your readers are helping you to achieve your goals.

Final Words about First blog post:

As I always say, to be successful in blogging you should do the right thing at right time. Your first blog post should cover all the above points.

It is necessary to write the post with an open mind and honesty.

You should make your reader believe that you are there to help them.

Do share what you include in the first blog post?

What do you like to publish in the first post?

Share via comments.

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