November 20, 2019

7 Key Tips to Making Money with Drones

I quickly concluded that the days that had been organized to talk about the civil drones sector were focused almost entirely on technical and legal aspects, and the moment someone arrived and gave a lecture on the 7 keys to earning money with drones the public thanked him.

The drone sector is growing at an important speed and of course every day is on the lips of more people and the media.

7 Key Tips to Making Money with Drones: eAskme
7 Key Tips to Making Money with Drones: eAskme

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There is always talk of the possibilities, of the sectors where it is used, of the newest "freakadas" and, of course, of regulation.

Well, there is much more than that and mainly there is an issue that worries everyone and nobody talks.

How do you make money in this sector?

What do I have to do in my first steps?

1. Accept Through the Desert:

This point I never tire of saying.

The drones fall, they are infinitely less safe than any manned aircraft because the latter have completely reliable technology.

Until drones are reliable and provide virtually total safety, State Aviation Safety Agencies will not regulate this sector in such a way that all types of operations can be carried out.

We complain that you can't fly in many places and that with the new law you will be able to fly requesting permits that are hardly expected to be easily granted, well, do you think that's going to change in the Gadget World?

Not until the drones are certified. All aircraft (small planes, commercial airplanes, etc.) require manufacturer certification and manufacturers in turn are required to pass rigorous controls, not the same with drones, because I can build one with parts purchased in China today and in a few days be flying legally.

Don't you know who is the main reluctant that this happens? Small manufacturers who are not willing to pay the cost of certifications.

Will this change?

Yes, surely in time it will, but until then we will live with regulations that will not allow an explosion of the sector.

So friend, accept that this is going to be a long time and that we are in a crossing period that will last a few years.

2. Do not believe anything of What the Media Says:

We have all seen in the media known companies (logistics, health, security ...) that presume that they already use drones in their day to day or study using them in the short term.

Well, at a logistical level is totally prohibited the transport of any kind of goods by using drones and this is not expected to change in the coming years.

The same applies to fumigation (totally forbidden) or the sending of relatively heavy aircraft over long distances.

So why do these companies talk about all this and do the media publish it?

Mainly because the media knows that this is a very interesting subject and that articles of this type are easily made viral.

On the other hand, for large corporations it means a brutal marketing impact, differentiating them from their competitors and showing a very innovative side of their company.

3. Comply with the Law:

It seems obvious, but it is not. Currently, the regulations governing the use of drones are in some cases excessively ambiguous.

Therefore, the vast majority of drone operators play with the interpretation of many of the articles of the Act to make operations based on their profit.

This may be understandable considering that taken to the letter the current law, the possible actions and operations are very low and it is difficult to bill.

But even if it can be understood, my recommendation is that you avoid any operation that can be minimally questioned.

Although hundreds of sanctioning proceedings have been opened, in many cases badly justified, the following must be taken into account.

At least in the US, with the new drone regulations that will appear at the end of this year, when you want to carry out operations in an urban centre, in controlled airspace or night flights, you will have to apply for a permit.

These permits will be granted on the basis of many things, but one of them will be the "rating" that your operator has.

This point is something you will not hear officially from the State Aviation Safety Agency, but it is logical.

The history of your company or operator will be important and if you have open files for bad or illegal operations, you can be sure that the chances of being granted permits will be very low. If you want to make money in this sector in the future, have a clean image.

4. Forget the Audio Visual Sector:

The vast majority of people who start in this sector do so by buying an inexpensive drone that carries a camera with good recording quality and sells the images taken to third parties.

This is how many of the current drone operators have started and little by little they have experienced an evolution of this sector, the audiovisual sector, which has left them with hardly any jobs.

When we talk about the audiovisual sector, we are referring to semi-professional work, not advertising or cinema. In order to be able to compete with drones in the advertising or film sector, you need drones, stabilisers and cameras that not everyone can afford.

For this last part of services I do believe that there are billing possibilities, for the first (semi-professional work) there will always be a market, but competition is already fierce and on many occasions, the law does not allow these works (weddings, festivals ... etc.).

5. Sell What you do not Have, Do Not Sell What you do not have:

Possibly the key that fewer people dare to tell but which is a basic principle in the early stages of business construction.

In this sector the customer will always ask you drones that are able to go to the moon and back.

This means that the client will ask you to work with aircraft that you don't have or with data analysis software that you don't have.

The key at the beginning is to tell the customer that you will be able to do it, as long as you are convinced that even if you don't have the technology yet, you will be able to do it at the time you secure that contract.

Never, under any circumstances, sell something that you are not going to be able to do and above all, you are not going to be able to do it with total security.

Once you take a significant volume of work and business, this will not do, but the first few months is important to play and balance the scales in an intelligent yet prudent.

6. Believe Strategic Agreements:

Therefore, it is logical to think that the commercial capacity of the operators is very limited.

Trying to make a commercial action that consumes a lot of resources trying to reach everything can be a mistake, first because you will not arrive and second because you are too diversified.

The agreements you can reach with companies that already have networks of clients, as well as the UTEs for specific projects are what will provide you with clients.

Don't look so much to create a website and leave you money in SEO and SEM, and look for good meetings and sectorial agreements, where you can identify companies that already have clients.

Even if you stay in a minority way, you will be able to reach much more. It's worth 10% of much more than 100% of nothing.

7. Look at the Drone for What it is, A tool:

Drones are unmanned aircraft, with significant technical complexity and requiring responsible use.

But... apart from this they are and will be the tools that most companies and organizations use in their daily work (see industrial or security companies).

All those drone operators who resist this idea thinking that they will end up calling them and that since they are not the core business of the former, they will always subcontract the services of drones... they are wasting valuable time to change their business model accepting what will happen in a few years.

The drones will be like computers, where the companies will have them and will subcontract them to specialist companies that will take the breakdowns, the software and/or give them training.

But the drones will be their working tools and will be piloted by their own technicians.

This reality is the one that usually hurts the most in the sector and it is the one that by accepting quickly, will give you wings and ideas to earn money with drones.

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