December 15, 2019

How Bloggers can Change Your Life?

There is no second thought about the fact that blogging can change your life, but do you know even the bloggers can change your life? If not, then here, I will explain everything that will help you understand how blogging can change your life.

Some people are learning from books, but learning from people facing real-life situations will help you find the best way to deal with different issues in your life.

Bloggers' life is full of ups and downs. A blogger has to deal with multiple challenges such as social pressure to find a job, financial strength to struggle and settle, competition, etc.

How Bloggers can Change Your Life?: eAskme
How Bloggers can Change Your Life?: eAskme
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You can learn how to deal with the different situations in your life from the life of a blogger.

How Bloggers can Change Your Life?

Today, you will learn how bloggers can change your life with the real-life experience of professional bloggers.

Be open for everyone:

A Blogger cannot grow by walking alone. To be successful, bloggers need millions of visitors and followers for their blogs.

To gain traffic, followers, likes, shares, comments, and clients, a blogger need to be open and expressive.

From a blogger's life, you will learn how to get rid of shyness and be open. You will also learn how to engage with others and learn not only from blogging or bloggers but also from the visitors.

I am the founder of eAskme. I am not only open with others and talk on social channels but also made my blog is public for every single person in this world.

Without worrying about what others think, I am continuously working on engaging with others to build a massive community of eAskme followers.

From Gaurav Kumar or  eAskme, you can learn how to blog, marketing, make money, motivation, inspiration, use social media, improve productivity, improve writing skills, technology updates, etc.

Your name can be your brand:

There are bloggers like John Chow, whose life will help you learn how you can turn your name into a business and brand.

John Chow has founded johnchow and became one of the most successful bloggers of the current time.

You will also learn how to promote high-end products on your blog with different methods.

How to work like a legend?

Follow Jeremy Schomaker, and you will learn the art of being a legend. His iconic Google Adsense paycheck has made him viral.

You will also learn from his blog shoemoney that how things have changed in the life of a blogger and what are other ways to monetize a blog.

Also, you will learn that you have a life other than your work.

How to become a ProBlogger: founder Darren Rowse's life will help you understand how to become a full-time pro blogger.

You will also find out how choosing the perfect domain name can bring a massive impact on your blog or website.

You will also find out how to build a blogging community and became a highly-priced speaker.

Create your paradise:

Do you want to create your paradise? If yes, then you can learn from Ryan Biddulph, the founder of

His life will help you to learn about how you can become a successful travel blogger and ebook writer.

You will also learn how and why you should test multiple things on your blog.

How creating videos and sharing them on social networks to build a community by helping others?

Grow your tribe:

I know you may not want to be a tribal warrior? But building a tribe for your business will help you in multiple ways.

Donna Merrill is the name of the person who has created her tribe and developed it.

She has launched not just to become a blogger but also let the professionals find a better place to write and share their writing skills.

How to blog mostly:

By following Janice Wald, you will learn how you should blog moslty, and why?

You will also learn from about how to make money blogging without ads and how to promote products and services with the help of quality content.

You will also find out the multiple ways how you can grow your blog.

How to Inspire:

Follow Lisa Sicard, and you will learn how and why you should inspire to thrive.

You will also learn from about how to handle popular social channels, such as Twitter.

You will also find that her blog talks about multiple things that will not only help you become a work from home professional but also become a better person on social media channels.

Grow your map of success:

To stay successful, you must spread your business.

Follow Gail Gardner's blog, and you will find out how to stop doing wrong things, how to improve your performance, how to follow marketing trends, etc.

Follow her advice, and it will surely help you to become a better blogger or webmaster.

Success and Blogging:

Sue Dunlevie is doing a lot in the filed of blogging. With her blog she is helping people to learn how to blog, where to blog and when to blog.

Women who are feeling left behind or not able to find meaning in their lives should follow the bloggers like Sue and get inspiration from her. 

Improve Writing Skills:

Bloggers like Lorraine Reguly will help you to learn better English using writing skills. you will learn story telling, resume writing, etc.

From her blog, will also learn the use of grammar and sentence formation.

Final Words:

Do you seriously want to change your life? If yes, then you should follow not just one but more than one bloggers and learn from their lives.

No matter you are a lazy blogger or just a person thinking about blogging, following other bloggers will help you in every possible way.

If you still have any question,. feel free to ask me via comments.

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