March 05, 2019

Benefits of Being a Lazy Blogger

The whole world is talking about blogs, blogging, branding and bla! Bla! Bla!

Bloggers are also talking about making money with blogging.

In the blogging world, people always talk about;
But no-one is talking about the lazy blogger.

Irony is that the majority of blogging world population falls under the category of lazy bloggers.

Still, no-one is talking or writing about them.


Because, we all are lazy. Laziness is a human habit.

Benefits of Being a Lazy Blogger: eAskme
Benefits of Being a Lazy Blogger: eAskme
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We all want to live a prosperous life but most of the world wants to live a life where;
  • They have not to anything
  • Money should come to them like anything.
Today, I am going to talk about this untouched topic.

I will be sharing the features of a lazy blogger, and why most of the bloggers fall in this category.

Now you may be thinking that because the biggest blogger population is living the life of lazy bloggers that means there is something special about it.

There is no doubt that Pro-bloggers are making millions of dollars.

And the million dollar question has made others to fall in love with blogging.

Let’s uncover everything about lazy blogging and such bloggers.

Lazy Bloggers:

Benefits of Being a Lazy Blogger: eAskme

The very first thing you need to understand here is that Lazy blogger is different from hobby bloggers.

Hobby bloggers do blogging just to satisfy their habits. They have not pro-skills.

But, lazy blogger do have
  • Knowledge
  • Ideas
  • Sometimes the skills also that can turn him into a million dollar blogger.
Now, you may be thinking that if lazy bloggers have skills, ideas and knowledge about blogging then why I am calling them lazy.

Surely, I will answer to that also.

Features of a Lazy Blogger?

features of a lazy blogger: Benefits of Being a Lazy Blogger: eAskme: eAskme

Lazy blogger is lazy because even when they know and possess everything to become a pro blogger, still they are lacking 3 most important things.

What are they?

They are;
  • Focus
  • Dedication
  • Commitment
  • Invetsment
Irony is that most of the hobby and lazy bloggers do not even know about the "History of Blogging."

How can you think of success into something without understanding it's history.

But, lazy blogger do not care about such things.

Their mind is so relaxed or they possess the habit of relaxing all the time that they do not care about the opportunities that can turn them into a pro blogger.

This is one of the most common reasons why not all the bloggers are making million dollars.
But, do you think they are not making money?


They are making money.

But they love to live in their comfort zone.

Because they are not competitive, you will find them doing fulltime jobs even when they are making money from blogging.

Now the question is why most of the bloggers population is lazy?

There must be some of the benefits that make most of the people fall in the category of lazy blogger.

I am reveling the answer.

Benefits of Becoming a Lazy blogger.

Less stress:

Less Stress: Benefits of Being a Lazy Blogger: eAskme

As I have already said, lazy bloggers believe in living within their comfort zone.

They do not want to accept challenges.


Challenges bring stress or discomfort.

The person who want to make money blogging but still want to live in his comfort zone, he is a lazy blogger.

He never tries new things and never cares too much about writing or sharing.

He write only because it is necessary to run a blog and he shares because it is necessary to get traffic.

Hand to Mouth:

hand to mouth: Benefits of Being a Lazy Blogger: eAskme

This is one of the notable features of lazy bloggers.

Lazy bloggers earn money from blogging and that is why they always have something that you can consider as hand to mouth.

But, not too much.

They only care about earning as much as they need in current situation.

They do not have long term plans.

Because they are living in comfort zone, they never care about what more they can bring in.


Satisfaction: Benefits of Being a Lazy Blogger: eAskme

Most of the lazy bloggers are satisfied or trying to show that they are satisfied.

Because they are not investing anything extra in their business they feel what they are earning is the best.

I have seen many blogger who had started blogging to make money and made good money in first couple of years but after some time they had to quit blogging.


Because, they were not investing money and time to grow their blogging business.

You may have seen many blogger who are running blog from couple of years still their social following is not even 1000.

Do you want to become a Lazy blogger?

\Do you want to become a Lazy blogger?: eAskme

This is the question that only you can answer.

And, I am giving you comment section to answer that If you want to be a lazy blogger or you want to be a pro blogger.


  • Lazy blogger live with satisfaction with what they have
  • Pro –bloggers struggle to do more and be more.

Final Words:

I am not saying that lazy bloggers are not professional. I am also not saying that they are not making money.

What I am saying is that a lazy blogger can become a professional blogger.

But only, if he can sacrifice his laziness.

Can you sacrifice your laziness to make more money?

Answer me via comments.

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