June 26, 2020

Enterprise SEO Guide: What is Enterprise SEO? Everything that You Must Know is Here!

What is Enterprise SEO? What is the Enterprise site? How is Enterprise SEO different from traditional SEO? Find out everything with this complete enterprise SEO guide.

More pages mean more visibility, and it also brings more problems.

SEO is already challenging and ambitious task.

Enterprise SEO Guide: What is Enterprise SEO? Everything that You Must Know is Here!: eAskme
Enterprise SEO Guide: What is Enterprise SEO? Everything that You Must Know is Here!: eAskme

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If you have a thousand or million pages, you will have to develop your expert strategy.

Such a website finds itself in the enterprise website category, and such a site needs enterprise SEO.

What is an Enterprise Site?

Enterprise SEO Guide: What is Enterprise SEO? Everything that You Must Know is Here!

There is no standard definition of the enterprise site.

But the most common belief is that a website with over a thousand pages is known as enterprise site.

The reason behind this is that such sites have a lot of categories, products, or services.

To rank higher webmaster needs a team of SEO professionals to work on different types.

In other words, enterprise SEO is all about the size of the website or blog.

The other two factors that help you decide the enterprise site are brand authority and a high number of published pages.

There is an idea that if a business wants to increase revenue and brand value, then it has to hire a team of professional SEO experts.

No matter what line you believe in, there are some standard features of enterprise sites, such as;
  • Impact on the business reputation and revenue.
  • How big team do you need to work with?
  • Level of Management to handle thousands or millions of webpages.
Now, as you know what is enterprise Site, the next thing is to understand what enterprise seo is?

What is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO Guide: What is Enterprise SEO? Everything that You Must Know is Here!

Enterprise SEO is the need for an enterprise site.

In other words, enterprise SEO is a full-fledged SEO strategy to optimize the website and content according to search engine guidelines.

Every enterprise SEO is different according to your business target and your website position in search results.

Why Enterprise Site needs Enterprise SEO?

Traditional Strategies Don’t Work for Big Players:

Most of the time, enterprise sites face common SEO problems. But due to the complex structure, SEO work become difficult for these sites.

It is not easy to make changes.

For example, you want to create new content pages to replace the old ones. But you also have to keep in mind that this will affect internal linking, authority, and inbound links.

Brands have to create fresh content to maintain brand authority, and at the same time, they have to make sure that content will not create issues with the site performance.

For better results, brands use the organizational change approach. The collaboration between subject matter experts, IT team, marketing team, and product developers enhance the performance.

The massive number of links, pages, and technical issues are also a significant problem in front of enterprise sites.

Most of the time, such sites are live for a very long time.

Curing such websites will take everything.

Collaboration Issues:

An enterprise site has many stakeholders. The site brings the significant impact on the professional life of many employees.
  • Every product category manager has a personal stake.
  • PR managers are more interested in ranking press release.
  • There can be many stakeholders who can make changes on the website but still do not understand the reactions.
Establishing a strong collaboration is a big challenge.


Competition is everywhere.

Every enterprise site has to deal with competition.
For example, Airtel is a brand; still, it is not ranking for many search queries. Or you can say that it’s competitors are ranking better than Airtel.

Techmagnate study on this matter shows that it will take the Airtel to optimize content for more than 2000 keywords and 440+ local sites to beat the competition.

This approach has helped the brand to rank for 2100+ keywords and boost traffic up to 3500%.

Even the most prominent brands cannot rely only on the brand name.
If you are running an e-commerce business, then you can easily understand the issues of traditional marketing strategies.

Lack of basic SEO will also bring a negative impact on your site.

How is Enterprise SEO different?

Enterprise is more professional and strategic as compared to traditional SEO.

Here is how enterprise SEO is different:

Automation and Scalability:

Whether you are adding product listing, microdata, or building links, every job becomes complicated.

After product launch, merger, or acquisition, this issue grows more.

Even if you are running an SEO team that is working on the project manually, it will not help in enterprise SEO.

You need to use available Enterprise SEO tools to automate the process and make easy.


Almost 78% of local searchers are buying products offline. This shows the importance of targeting local search results.

No matter how big or small business you are running. As long as you want to target customers online, you need to focus on the local market. The strategy should bring consistent results.

You can do it with the help of available content templates. These templates will gather relevant information, such as reviews, hours, and address.

Your focus on near search target results will increase the conversion upto 30%.

Domains and Subdomains:

Running multiple sites and subdomain can result in;
Some brands are running multiple sister sites to sell products and have better results rather than selling everything on one website.

Reputation Management:

High authority invites Bad PR.

Negative reviews, discussions, and news can quickly come up if your brand is famous.

For example; Imagine that you are a brand owner, and on the first page, you have a top 3 ranking results saying negative about your brand. This is purely a disaster for your brand.

To fix this issue, you need a strong SEO strategy and implementation.

The focus of enterprise SEO is to fix the damage caused by negative claims.

Final Words:

Enterprise SEO is essential for big brands. With the help of enterprise, SEO brands can dominate the respective industry.

Ignoring enterprise SEO can damage your authority and reputation.

To keep the search results in favor, brands need to work with enterprise SEO continuously.

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