May 03, 2020

LinkedIn Virtual Job Interviews Tool: Everything that You Should Know

LinkedIn is massively adding new features to its platform to make it more user friendly. It is a professional social network, and every feature that you find on LinkedIn will help the user to improve his social networks, get more job opportunities, and connect with LinkedIn Influencers.

In this row of new features, LinkedIn has introduced a new tool for virtual job interviews.

LinkedIn Virtual Job Interviews Tool: Everything that You Should Know: eAskme
LinkedIn Virtual Job Interviews Tool: Everything that You Should Know: eAskme

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The LinkedIn virtual job interview tool will make it easy for you to hunt the job even when you are sitting in your home due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Coronavirus has made the people work from home and also search the jobs and give interviews online.

LinkedIn virtual Job Interview Tool:

LinkedIn has released two tools;
  • Video Introductions
  • AI-powered Feedback tool

Video introductions:

Video Introductions: LinkedIn Virtual Job Interviews Tool: Everything that You Should Know: eAskme

If you want to make the first impression, then LinkedIn video introductions will help you.

According to LinkedIn, almost 65% of people believe in making the first impression online.

LinkedIn video introductions will help to hire managers to ask for introductions.

Candidates can use video introductions to record their introductions.

This will be your way to stand out from others.

AI-Powered feedback:

AI-Powered feedback: LinkedIn Virtual Job Interviews Tool: Everything that You Should Know: eAskme

LinkedIn is taking Artificial intelligence seriously.

Now you will find AI-powered instant feedback with interview tools. This will help the candidates to prepare for common questions.

This preparation will help to boost confidence.

This AI-powered feedback listens to the answers and analyzes the content.

You can submit practice answers to this AI-powered feedback tool for assessment.

With the help of the LinkedIn AI-powered feedback tool, you can refind your speaking and interview skills.

You can also send the recorded answers to your connections and get their feedback.

You can access this feature when applying for jobs on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Video Interview tips:


You cannot stick with small talk when going live on the video call. It is essential to create the first impression.

This is necessary to build rapport with the interviewer. You have to do it within the first couple of minutes.

Making personal connections will surely help you. You should get more information about their brand, business, stats, etc.

You should also check their personal and company profile on LinkedIn.

No Distractions:

When working from home and going on the live call, you need to make sure that you do it from a quiet place.

At home, you always have the risk of interruption from kids, housemates, or even houseworkers.

Make your family understand that your time is essential, and they should not bother you when you are in an urgent meeting or interview.

Be ready:

For a video call, you need everything running and in perfect condition.

Make sure that your laptop, camera, and internet connections are working in the best way.

If you have any issues, please fix it before going for a video interview session.

Final Words:

Interviewers and candidates both are excited about this new tool and waiting for it to be available worldwide.

This will help the people to go through the interview with confidence.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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