May 15, 2020

10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers

Are you a Blogger?

If yes, then how do you monetize your content?

Blogging is a serious profession! And, similar to any other business, it is also about making money.

In blogging, you can only make money by content monetization or skill monetization.

I have already said why blogging is the best way to make money online. But is it best for you?

10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme
10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

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It depends upon how your blog and what monetization options you are using.

If your target is to become a fulltime blogger, then monetizing your content is the only solution.

Content is the soul of a blog or blogging business.

The blog is the place to share your knowledge, experience, hopes, dreams and stories with the world.

But it can only worth your time and efforts if you know why you write and share content.

If you want to adopt blogging lifestyle and become an A-list blogger, then you need to monetize your blog content.

No matter you are a marketer who is trying to sell products or services online or working on creating a personal brand and earn massive dollars, different content monetization methods will help you.

10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers

10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

Today, I will share all the most effective content monetization options.

You can club some of them, and there are some that you do not want to mix.

For example; If you are creating content to market your products, then you will surely not use affiliate links to direct the audience to third party products.

When monetizing your content, do not fill it with ads. Use different ways of monetizing the same content to maximize your revenue.

Note: Articles, ebooks, blog posts, podcasts, graphics and videos can be monetized in different ways.

And, here you will find everything that you should do.

Selling Rights:

Selling Exclusive Rights: 10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

Selling exclusive rights is one of the quickest ways to monetize your content.

You can write the content and sell it to the person or business who is interested in buying exclusive rights.

“Work-to-hire” agreements are the best example of this type of monetization. You will sell all the rights, royalties and copyrights to the other party.

This is what we call selling content for money.

Ghostwriting or freelance writing is also similar to this where the buyer gives you instructions what you write.

If you are selling the content in marketplaces such as Fiverr, or Upwork, then it will be called content selling.

No matter where you sell your content as long as you have the skill, you can monetize your writing skills to earn good money.

Limited Usage Rights:

Limited Usage Rights: 10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

Limited usage rights is different than selling Exclusive rights.

In this process, brand or business will hire you to create content according to the predefined guidelines.

Limited usage rights allow the buyer to use the content for a limited period.

For example; you can sell the content with the condition “Print only” and for six months only.

In this example, you will be licensing the person to print the content and use it.

The benefit of limited usage is that you can sell your content to multiple buyers.

You can earn more by giving exclusive rights for a specific period.

The benefit for buyers here is that they can save some money using licensed content rather than creating original content.

Note: This is not the best practice in the web world.

Yes, buyers can use such content to reprint or use in email marketing.

Sometimes, buyers can also use such content as part of extensive content guides or case studies.

But, it is difficult to find such clients, yet it is not impossible.

The best examples of such content are stock photos, videos, and illustrations.

Affiliate Earnings:

Affiliate Earning: 10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

From a long time, I have been a great believer in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows you to generate sale by value exchange.

You can write a product review, comparison article or even monetize your email newsletter with affiliate products.

Remember: All the affiliate links are track-able.

There are affiliate marketplaces such as CJ, Shareasale, Impact, etc. where you can find the products according to your blog niche.

Affiliate marketing is a populated industry with a lot of buyers and sellers.

You can refer to my affiliate marketing guides and articles here to begin your journey in affiliate marketing.

Selling Membership/Subscription:

Selling Membership/Subscription: 10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

Do you have a loyal subscriber base?

If yes, then it is the time that you should offer your in-depth content for paid members or subscribers only.

If your skills or content is beneficial for the visitors, then they will surely become paid members.

Subscriptions will allow the user to access the premium newsletter, tutorials and video series. You can even turn your blog into a membership website.

You can create an online course or list of assets that will help the users.


The main difference between donations and membership-based content is that on a membership site, only members have access to the exclusive content.

But on a website monetized with donations allow everyone to access the content or complete blog.

PayPal and Patreon are the two major platforms that allow the bloggers to accept donations from viewers, listeners and readers.

If you are regularly creating content, then your patrons may help you buy a cup of coffee with the help of donations.

You can install the PayPal donation button on the blog to ask for donations or let your visitors know how they can help you and your blog.

In 2005, Jason Kottke, has started asking for donations.

Donations: 10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

Now he is running a full-fledged membership blog where people are paying between 30-$600/month.

Donations: 10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

The Bestselling author and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson is also a great example of content monetization via donations.


Ads: 10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

Ads are the most commonly used way to monetize a blog. Bloggers are running after contextual ad platforms such as AdSense to monetize their blog content.

You can also use Google Adsense,, Infolinks, etc. to monetize your blog with text ads, video ads and banner ads.

You can earn money according to PPC, CTR or RPM.

Direct ads are also popular, and buysellads is the best network for this.

Here you can work with advertiser and earn for displaying banner ads every month.

You can also charge according to per thousand impressions or time.

Monetizing content with ads is useful for bloggers and publishes but not the best option for advertisers.

If you want to monetize your blog without causing trouble for your users, then you should limit the number of ads you are displaying and also use them on the places where they are visible.

You can even use two ad networks together, such as Infolinks and Adsense.

Monetizing your blog with multiple content optimization options is a good strategy.

Sponsored Content:

Sponsored Content: 10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

Sponsored content is another way to monetize your content.

Allowing others to market their products or services in the shape of blog posts or videos in your content can help you earn some good money.

If you know how to do it, then it will also improve the value of your blog.

You can easily earn $1-$1000/article according to the quality and popularity of your blog and your client.

Selling publishing space is also a good option.

Important: The sponsored content must reflect the high authority, quality and trust.

Paid Speaking:

Paid Speaking: 10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

If you are an influencer in your niche, then the chances are that you will get an invitation to be a speaker at some event or webinar.

You will also get paid as a premium speaker.

But to grab such an opportunity, you need to establish yourself as an expert.

Brands, businesses and people pay to experts who are influential and have a good number of followers.

You should also prepare yourself for public speaking.

Public speaking will not only help you earn good money but also increase your popularity.

Make sure that you encourage your audience to use hashtags and engage with you on social media.

Share your experience and even videos online.

After your presentation, create content and publish on your blog also.


Consultancy: 10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

Business and brands always need expert advice to boost their revenue.

If you the expert they are looking for then the one-one-one discussion is what brings money to your way.

Allow your visitors, subscribers and readers to connect with you for consultation.

Use tools like Calendly or Acuity.

Selling the Products, you Own:

Selling the Products, you Own: 10 Exclusive Content Monetization Options for Bloggers: eAskme

Have you created any digital product?

Do you have a research paper, expert advice or case studies that can help others?

If yes, then you can charge to share original research or reports.

You can even create ebooks and sell it on the eBook marketplace such as Amazon.

If your product becomes popular, then you can launch a complete service line and earn more money.

Final Words:

Blogging is for money!

And, if you are also serious about making money with blogging, then you should test these content monetization options and settle with the best.

Do you have a blog?

How do you monetize your content?

Do share via comments.

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