May 31, 2023

Meme Marketing: Not Just a Trend

Brands do not run on their own. They need the support of suitable marketing techniques to be able to bring profits.

In this fast-paced world, marketers need to adapt to the changing trends to be a part of the race.

Meme Marketing: Not Just a Trend: eAskme
Meme Marketing: Not Just a Trend: eAskme

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Memes have been a part of many brand’s marketing strategies for quite a while now.

They have numerous qualities that make them suitable for every brand’s marketing.

Discover the origin, importance, and benefits of meme marketing below.

What are Memes? Where do they Come from?

What are Memes? Where do they Come from?: eAskme

According to Google search, memes are a form of media that are humorous. It can be in the form of an image, a text, or even a small video clip.

Memes are copied and spread rapidly by internet users. Memers (the one who creates memes) create different versions of the same content and circulate it all over.

1976 was the year when Richard Dawkins coined and used the word memes for the very first time.

He used the word in his book named ‘The Selfish Gene’ to depict how ideas replicate, mutate, and evolve.

The internet became familiar with memes when Mike Godwin proposed the internet meme in the June 1993 issue of Wired.

Meme Marketing: A Powerful Tool to Drive Great Traffic

Marketing is a creative job. You need to come up with ideas that will boost your brand’s visibility and image at the same time.

You cannot afford to put across any negative aspect to attract more eyeballs.

That will damage your reputation and sales.

A meme is a humorous medium; it is light-hearted but can be risky too.

You need to beware of using offensive memes to promote your brand, which might upset your audience.

The following points will let you understand the tremendous power of memes in the current era:

1. Creating memes is easy:

Anyone having brief knowledge of graphics and digital devices can create memes.

You can also use meme templates available online.

2. People share memes very often:

Work from home pattern is ubiquitous.

People spend multiple hours on screen.

Scrolling social media feeds and sharing memes often is normal today.

3. Memes get viral:

The main objective of marketing is to reach out to more people.

Marketing is done to enhance the visibility of a brand, and memes are the perfect ingredient to achieve that. One viral meme can take your business to new heights.

4. Memes are relatable:

Memes are mostly based on daily life things, trendy moments, etc. Meme content is often very relatable to a huge chunk of the audience.

Presence of Memes on Social Media Today

Memes have become a significant part of the communication happening on social media platforms.

Presence of Memes on Social Media Today: eAskme

According to a report, about 40 percent of millennials follow one or the other meme account on social media channels.

Owners of meme accounts have followers in millions today.

Meme making has become a profession, and brands have realized creative minds’ requirements to develop interesting meme ideas and visuals.

The power and effect of the meme are widespread today.

A meme that goes viral leaves no aspect untouched.

Be it the political arena, societal issues, entertainment industry, or daily life issues; memes have covered all of it.

The Wide Variety


Close your eyes and think of a meme.

There must be a few common ones that each one of us will recollect.

These are the ones that created a buzz and continue to be used widely.

Classics are the ones that will never go out of trend.


Some events see a hike for a certain time and then vanish forever.

Memes based on such events are the fads. These will be popular for a brief period.


This variety can be used to keep your audience hooked.

Create a sense of excitement and curiosity, so the viewers wait for your next upload.

Create a series of memes under a single theme and release them one by one.


You can add some motion to your meme marketing using GIFs.

Break the monotony of static images and texts by creating small GIFs.


It is not mandatory to go with memes that already exist.

You can create one for your brand.

Make sure it resonates with your brand identity and conveys what you are trying to convey to the audience.

Some Handy Tips to Create Jaw-dropping Memes

Some Handy Tips to Create Jaw-dropping Memes: eAskme

Study Your Audience:

While creating memes for your online brand, consider the likes, preferences, and dislikes of your existing audience.

This will help you create content that resonates with their mind-set.

You can track your audience’s online behavior and study their pattern to develop memes that they understand and appreciate.

Brainstorm the Subject:

A meme is based on a subject. It is important to study the subject in detail to come up with appropriate ideas.

Read about the subject, brainstorm related keywords, and concepts.

A better understanding of the subject will empower you to produce high-quality content for your site or other digital media platforms.

Secondary Research:

Research is a very powerful and effective tool.

It helps you discover the lesser-known facts and empowers you with knowledge and wisdom.

To come up with ideas that create a buzz, go through the already existing content.

Try to produce something in a different line to avoid infringement.

Think Out of the Box:

The online space is brimming with new content every passing day.

The competition is getting fierce. You need to think of extraordinary ideas to get noticed.

You can try creating short video memes.

Use online softwares like InVideo to edit these videos and make it presentable and upload worthy.

Do Not Skimp Feedback:

A communication becomes successful when it is a two-way process.

Receiving feedback is a crucial step as it improves your work and makes it more presentable for the masses.


Memes are powerful if leveraged properly.

People in general respond positively to humorous content.

Making viral memes can boost your brand’s identity and its image.

Use them with proper tools and see their magic unfold.

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