May 06, 2024

Partnership Marketing [Explained]: What it is? and How to Use Co-Marketing for Branding, Links, Traffic and Revenue?

What is partnership marketing? How to use partnership marking to build links and increase brand awareness? If partnership marketing is a new thing for you, then this post will be quite interesting today.

Partnership Marketing: What it is? and How to Use Co-Marketing for Branding, Links, Traffic and Revenue?: eAskme
Partnership Marketing: What it is? and How to Use Co-Marketing for Branding, Links, Traffic and Revenue?: eAskme

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I have explained different types of marketing over the year, such as.

Most of the time, you find them connected.

But marketing strategies are changing.

This is the reason why every year you see a new form of marketing.

Marketers are continuously researching for hours, weeks, and years to develop new influential marketing strategies. People find new things attractive, and this idea works with creativity in the marketing world.

While going after new marketing strategies, marketers often overlook the tried and tested marketing strategies.

Partnership marketing or co-marketing falls under this category.

What is Partnership Marketing or Co-Marketing?

Partnership marketing is also known as co-marketing.

As the name suggests, partnership marketing happens when you collaborate with other businesses to target a similar audience to promote products or services.

In 2019, National Geographic and Coors Light collaborated to target 10 million users worldwide and increased brand visibility by 7%.

Similarly, Social Chain and Buffer published a report to achieve 17,000 downloads in one week.

According to cheifmarketer, 77% of brands found partnership marketing effective in 2019.
And, it still works.

How to start with Partnership Marketing:

The basic concept of Partnership Marketing is to find a business with a similar audience. But you need to ensure that business is not your direct competitor.

For example; If you are running a travel blog, you should partner with the travel industry's businesses.

This will help you to boost brand awareness and build marketing strategies that will target similar customers with different products.

It is relatively easy to find such businesses.

Find out:

  • If other businesses are publishing content, where you also publish?
  • Who are the influencers or best service providers in your industry?

You will find a lot of businesses that are ready to partner for an extra boost.

After choosing the partner to collaborate with, you need to do a few things.

Write blog posts on each other's websites.

This way, you will build some quality links that can drive traffic to your website. These links also help to improve website visibility. The audience on your partner's blog will learn about your blog, business, product, or service.

Before you start writing your first blog post for the partner's website, it is essential to do keyword research. With the right keywords and optimized content, your con ranks the blog post in search results.

This is a practical approach to establish you as an expert content writer and marketer. Your post will stay on the site if you are generating value for them.

Write about a similar topic on your blog, and you can rank better in search results.


Partnership marketing or Co-marketing is when you and your partner not only exchange blog posts but also mention each other on different sites, social networks, or publications.

For example; If you publish a guest post on third-party sites, then start mentioning your partner's website there.

It is an excellent way to increase brand mentions, build more links, boost traffic and SEO performance.

Ask your partner to do the same for you.

Social Media Sharing:

During the content partnership, you both will be creating content for each other's website and publishing it on third party sites.

Sharing the content you are publishing on all the popular social media networks, and social profiles is a great way to boost brand awareness.

It is an easy way to grab more traffic.

Tag your partner, and you will see an increase in the number of followers also.

Email Newsletters:

Use email marketing to engage with existing followers and share the published content.

You should share the content published on your site with your email subscribers and also make sure that your partner also shares the content you have published on his website with his email subscribers.

Email lists are the effective place to engage with the audience.

If you don't have email subscribers, then start building your list.

Collaborate for eBook:

Collaborate with your partner to publish a professional and targeted ebook.

A book with creative storytelling can help both of you to influence most people in your industry.

To make the eBook influential, you must produce a quality ebook.

Co-host a Webinar:

The webinar is an effective strategy to educate the people about the products, services, or brand by boosting their knowledge on a particular topic.

Invite the influencers or partners to host the webinar with you.

To make the webinar profitable for you and your partner, you need to ensure that your product should align with what your partner is offering.

Add a call to action.

You can either help them make the purchase decision or direct them to the place where they can join your email newsletter.

Brands are using this strategy to offer products or services at better or competitive prices.

But you should not push your products on others. Ensure that what you are offering is valuable to build trust.

Think beyond making sales only.

If it is possible, you should take your webinar to a real life event.

Share clients:

All forms of marketing are there to help you generate more leads, sales, and revenue.

Partnership marketing helps you achieve long-term goals and improve your brand value, number of followers, traffic, and sales.


To make Partnership marketing work, you and your partner should truly align with each other.

If you can make it work, then it will a turning point for your business.

Do share you questions, suggestions and anything you want me to know in comments.

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