April 13, 2021

Standard Essay Format: [Explained] Everything that You Must Know

If you have a hand or know someone who does, you can learn the standard essay format.

While essays can be any length, a standard essay is usually five paragraphs arranged in a specific pattern that can be outlined on your hand. Being an essay writer, I can say that sometimes it is difficult to be bond to particular standards or rules. You can not feel relaxed and comfortable.

So I’m here to teach you.

Standard Essay Format: [Explained] Everthing that You Must Know: eAskme
Standard Essay Format: [Explained] Everything that You Must Know: eAskme

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Raise your hand and let's get started!

What is An Essay?

An essay is an organized piece of writing that focuses on one theme or topic. 

In the old days essays were referred to as theme papers.

The Parts of an Standard Format Essay

An essay consists of three main parts which will be discussed in greater detail below.

  • The introduction
  • The body
  • The conclusion

The Introduction: First paragraph

The first paragraph of an essay is the introduction and it is represented by your thumb.

The introduction is the most important paragraph in the essay because it introduces the topic and carries the weight of keeping the reader interested long enough so he or she will read further.

Ideally, you want the reader to give your essay a thumbs up and keep reading.

An introductory paragraph must include a hook, something that will grab the reader's attention and make the person want to read more.

It should also include the thesis statement.

A thesis statement is a sentence that clearly states the main topic or focus of the essay.

A thesis statement is usually the final sentence of the introduction, though it can appear anywhere in the introductory paragraph.

The Body: Middle paragraphs

The body is the bulk of the essay.

In a standard essay, it consists of three paragraphs represented by your three middle fingers.

The body includes all of the details and information the writer wants to convey about the subject of the essay.

Each paragraph in the body should include a topic sentence that relates to the thesis statement or main focus of the essay.

The remainder of each paragraph will explain, support, and give details to support the topic sentence.

The Conclusion: Final paragraph

The last paragraph of the essay is the conclusion which is represented by the pinkie finger.

The conclusion ties the essay together so it is complete.

No new information is offered in the conclusion.

Instead, the thesis statement is restated in a new way and the reader is given a thought or question that will linger in the mind.

The essay writer online emphasizes that just as a hook grabs the reader's attention, the conclusion needs to offer something that will keep the reader thinking about the topic once he or she finishes reading the essay.

Hook the Reader: Grab the Reader's Attention

It's extremely important to grab the reader's attention at the beginning of the essay. Otherwise, the reader may not read any further.

This can be accomplished in several ways.

A question - Adding a question in the introduction forces the reader to get involved. A question begs for an answer.

Example: Have you ever eaten a chocolate-covered cricket?

A quote - A powerful quote can set the tone of the essay and spark interest in the reader.

Example: " A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage." Sidney Smith

Action or dialogue - Jumping right into the middle of an activity or conversation creates energy and curiosity.

Example: "Stop right there!" the policeman yelled as he whipped out his gun.

An interesting fact - Immediately enlighten the reader and the reader will seek more enlightenment.

Example: The bacteria living in the average human body outnumber the body cells nearly ten to one.

Write a Solid Thesis Statement: Identify the Topic

The thesis statement clearly identifies the topic of the essay. It tells the reader where the essay is headed.

A thesis statement can be straightforward.

Example: Cats make fun pets.

A thesis statement can also be used to outline the topics of the three middle paragraphs in the body.

Example: Cats make fun pets because they are quirky, don't require much upkeep, and offer a lot of affection.

The most important thing to remember about the thesis statement is that it needs to be present. Don't forget it!

How to Remember the Standard Essay Format: Use Your Hand

People learn in different ways. Some learn by seeing, some by hearing, and others by doing.

These are some ways you can practice the standard essay format and commit it to memory.

Visual learners

Watch the video below that demonstrates how to use your hand to remember the standard essay format.

Read through this lens over and over until you feel like you comprehend the essay format.

Auditory learners

Listen to the information on the video below. Repeat the format aloud as you demonstrate with your hand.

Tactile learners

Watch the video below and copy the hand motions as many times as needed until you know the format.

Place your hand on paper and trace around it.

Label the parts of an essay on your drawing.

About the author: Bianca J. Ward used to be a divorce coach, but now she is a professional writer at EssayWriterFree where she provides people with qualitative works. Besides, she is a passionate photographer and traveler who has visited 52 countries all over the world. Bianca dreams about creating a photo exhibition to present her works to others.

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