August 02, 2019

How to Supercharge Your Link Building

By Sona Mathews

The major problem with link building is that most of the times, there is no active connection between link building strategy and ultimate goals.

How to Supercharge Your Link Building: eAskme
How to Supercharge Your Link Building: eAskme

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Many other factors also reduce the power and effects of link building.

How to redesign your link building strategies for success:

I have reviewed a few sites mentioned by my friends and discovered that their link building strategy is totally in the wrong direction.

Some of these sites have hired SEO consultants and link building experts to build links.

Most of them have fulfilled the link building contract by creating tons of links with no actual value or targeted goal.

The result was that such sites had gained tons of links. But, such links have never helped in traffic and engagement.

There were two significant reasons why such link building strategy failed

How to Make Link Building Work:

Coordinating Links with Content

The big reason why most of the link building projects fail is the formation and implementation of the link building project.

The best type of link building is where coordination and integration play an essential role in content strategy. It is an ideal approach to have the same team for content creation and link building.

The better communication between link building and content creation team improve the effectiveness of your backlink strategy.

You are planning your content strategy will you to juice up your link building.

Do you think that link building is only about the link?

Think again!

Link building is there to give wings to your content.

Link building is not about living in solitude. It is about reaching the goals with your content such as conversion, and traffic.

Awareness is what you need to improve your link building strategy. To build more links work in multiple directions such as podcasts, guest posts, interviews, video marketing, etc.

The golden standard of links is when you earn links, not ask link or buy links.

But it doesn't mean that you should stop promoting your content.

You should look for positive mentions if you are not getting any link.

Link Quotas and metrics:

The second reason why most of the link building strategy fails if the focus on filling the monthly quota of backlinks without looking at performance.

Link Building Quotas:

Setting monthly quota of link building can sometimes ruin your chances to earn high-quality backlinks.

Sometimes it can take you to link buying and email spamming.

I have encountered many companies that claim to be on “genuine outreach approach”, but in reality, they are mass spamming to build backlinks.

It is against Google’s guidelines.

A real link building strategy focuses more on awareness than just earning backlinks. These types of links are natural and add value to your site.

Tip: When building links, even the nofollow and mention can help to boost awareness. This is the way to build links naturally.

Brand awareness also makes people search for your blog, website or brand on Google.

Link Building Metrics:

Most of the time, Link building metrics are random or collected data is not worthy.

Most of the times, SEO’s follow a common link building practice, and that is looking for links with high domain authority.

But, one thing that they are not able to understand that all the links matter.

One should focus on building a strong connection between backlinks and content strategy.

When building links, you cannot just make tons of links even from high-quality sites to a page which has no quality.

The best way to build links is by connecting branding, link building, and content creation together.

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