May 13, 2021

The Best Online Casino Software Developers

By Gaurav Kumar

There is no doubt that online casino games have become popular within the past few years in Norway.

Software developers come from all across the world, though they are mainly located in Asia and the United States.

The Best Online Casino Software Developers: eAskme
The Best Online Casino Software Developers: eAskme

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Top developers translate classic games, such as;

While each game and development studio’s quality varies, there are a few developers that stand out above the rest.

Online gambling has one of the most active communities, ranging from poker to sports betting.

As technology continues to improve, the online gambling industry is fast becoming the monopoly in the industry.

The Norwegian Online Casino Market

It is essential to note the significant factors building Norway’s online casino market before getting into the top casino software developers.

Nina Olsendburg, a Norwegian digital casino expert, notes that slot games have grown in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This fact is consistent with the actions of top casino software developers, who can make the most creative games out of slots and, in turn, draw the most people to play.

Many games, casinos, and rules and regulations are unique to Norway.

The beste casino på nett, Norske Nettcasino, features tips, tricks, pricing, odds, and reviews to help you decide what game and casino is for you.

What Do People Like in a Digital Casino Game?

People’s tastes for casino games in Norway are no different from the rest of the world.

Above anything else, online casino software has to be functional and original to the rules of the in-person version.

People want to feel no difference between playing poker with friends or against an online opponent.

There shouldn’t be anything too flashy or distracting to take away from the focus of the gameplay.

However, this isn’t the case for more luck-based casino games.

Games such as the wheel of fortune and slots may also have bonus rounds and stylistic details unique to the game’s theme to make it more entertaining.


NetEnt is amongst the best casino software developers on this list.

This company has created a wide array of casino games and is known to specialise in slots.

The most impressive NetEnt games feature sponsors and take direct influence from their sponsor’s aesthetic and known mannerisms.

These games include Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Video Slot, Jumanji Video Slot, and Guns N’ Roses video slots.

NetEnt also has digital versions of classic games such as baccarat and blackjack and boasts European, French, and American variants of roulette.

NetEnt games are developed in Sweden, a Scandinavian neighbour of Norway.

Most of their games are available to play in Swedish, which is good because both Norweigan and Swedish are mutually intelligible for players from either country.

Many of their games cater to the Norweigan krone if you are playing a paid version.


Those who work for Betsoft are part of the top casino software development teams across the global market.

Betsoft games stand out from their competitors due to their use of 3D graphics.

Each Betsoft game carries distinctive energy due to its impressive graphics and terrific sound design, and music selection.

Betsoft is most well known for creating slot games, although they offer other types of games.

Unique to Betsoft games is their use of HTML 5 technology, allowing them to stay above the market curve with the games they offer.


Playtech is a titan in the digital casino software industry and has a sleuth of top titles in their library of games.

Their services include general casino games, live interactive casino games, poker, bingo, and more.

Being a company focused on all aspects of the gambling industry, Playtech understands what consumers are looking for in an online gambling game.

Their games are accessible on mobile devices and offer some of the most outstanding jackpot values of any casino game.

Playtech, like NetEnt, has a large number of sponsored slot games.

Playtech has games featuring DC Entertainment characters like Superman and Batman. It also has movie tie-in slot games for The Matrix and Robocop.


These developers have shown time and time again that they understand what people like to play and can recreate these games.

Why don’t you try out one of these developers' games?. You won’t be disappointed.

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