August 14, 2020

How To Make Money Using Social Media

Social media is a digital tool that helps users express their views and ideas with the public. There are many apps and websites to connect online. The biggest social networks have 3 billion users, and they are using an average of 2 hours per day for sharing their views, images, occasions, and shopping.

How To Make Money Using Social Media: eAskme
How To Make Money Using Social Media: eAskme

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If you can understand why people are using social media regularly, you can open up new ideas for earning money.

Using social media, you can increase brand awareness, create leads, and sell your products. Many brands rely 80% on social media to promote new products and generate leads.

How To Make Money Using Social Media

You can make money with social media.

Monetization is possible with social media. You can decide the process in which you need to make money.

It can be selling a product, service, or promoting a brand.  

Affiliated product marketing:

Affiliated product marketing is the process of promoting other's products and brands. Through promotion, you will get some commission per sale.

This is an excellent strategy, but to start marketing, you need a minimum of thousands of followers on your blog or channel.

Many social networks help you to earn a commission by promoting other's brands such as:

  • ShareASale.
  • Amazon Associates.
  • ClickBank.
  • CJ Affiliate.
  • Flexoffers.

These affiliate networks are like a middleman to connect bloggers with products and services.

Through them, you can earn through the cost-per-click program (CPC), and cost-per-lead programs (CPL).

Promoting their brand and products:

Promoting your product is another way to make money.

If you have established yourself in an area with a trusted number of followers, you can create your products and sell them to your audience.

Social media is excellent in promoting all brands.

All you need is to create fine quality products. PDFs, video courses, MP3s, and tutorials are excellent online products that can be sold on platforms like Amazon or Gumroad.

An online campaign is another method for promoting your brand and products on social media.

Publish the advertisement banners in influential blogs. Creating advertisements is a breeze with free ad makers.

Online campaigns will bring more loyal customers to your brand.

If you are crafty, try these:

If you are interested in selling your crafts, art pieces, clothes, and knitted garments, there are many social platforms to showcase them. Pinterest helps small businesses to grow big.

By creating an account and engaging yourself in the community will provide more opportunities to grow your business.

An Online Instagram shop will attract more users, and if customers like your product, then your network will grow.

There are many ways to increase your sales through Instagram. You can improve sales with intro videos and product images. If you don't know how to create an intro video, try VideoCreek.

There are hundreds of free templates to create eye-catching videos to your brand.

Etsy is another social media to showcase your products. By creating an account, you can earn money and loyal customers.

Online classes :

You can make money by sharing your knowledge and talent. Teach kids online at your comfort and make money online.

The world is waiting to pay a massive amount for the best teachers in each field.  Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google hangouts have created excellent video chat facilities for online classes.

Elders above 90 years are rocking the media and earning money for showcasing their talents. All you need is patience and recognition.

YouTube partner program:

YouTube partner program will benefit those with a good follower account. If you can create videos regularly and publish at regular intervals, you can make money with this program.

This program will not generate immediate revenue, but you have to wait a long time for your luck. If you cannot receive more clicks and views, then you may not make money.

You have to develop a strategy to post videos and don't entirely rely on it unless you receive your first cheque.

Photographs for sale:

Photographs still have a significant demand in the market. If you have good photos, people are ready to pay and use them.

All you need to know is the right place to sell your photographs. There is a huge market for quality photographs on social media. Bloggers and small companies are the primary customers for photographs.

They buy the photos in bulk. Large Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, and Etsy buy stock photographs online. These platforms will help you earn money in the long run.

Content and creative writing:

This is the most promising area for the creators and writers to showcase their ability and earn more money.

If you are good at your language with excellent grammar skills, then there are many content writing jobs in the market to pick.

With a virtual workplace, many companies as startups are rocking online. You can earn decent money by spending less time.

Among content writing, Comedy writing, academic writing, and ghostwriting are blooming in the market.

If you are confident to boost others with your comedy skills and earn money, try Twitter. Academic writing has received a new dimension with online coaching apps.

Social media manager:

Have you ever wondered how large companies and big stars find time to reply to customers and fans' comments on social media?

It was made possible by social media managers.

Social media managers are needed by large organizations and stars to stay in touch with fans and communicate with their clients.

Almost every organization has multiple social media accounts, and they need an extra hand to manage them. So they hire social media managers to post their updates and views about common issues.

If you have excellent language skills and an understanding of social media trends, you can become a social media manager.


Making money on social media is not an easy way.

You have to work very hard, experiment with many methods, and wait patiently for the right time.

Create a plan and build a strategy to reach your goals socially and financially.  

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