October 04, 2022

12 Tips for Effective Business Writing

You might have seen an ad on YouTube in which a businessman asks others to help him out because no one is buying anything these days and wants his sales back.

It sounds as if there wasn’t just enough quality material available on the internet for the poor businessman to consult from.

12 Tips for Effective Business Writing: eAskme
12 Tips for Effective Business Writing: eAskme

When one looks at the already published business content, one realizes the gravity of the situation truly.

One shouldn’t be surprised, though.

With novices jumping into the fray, the business writing niche was always going to take a hit.

This abysmal state of affairs has compelled us to pen down some useful business writing tips & tricks.

Here are our twelve tips for effective business writing.

Skip Jargon

Not all of your business readers are likely to do a structural analysis, nor every entrepreneurial idea about bleeding edges.

Using sophisticated business terms, just because you know them, is a highly inadvisable approach.

Your goal is to engage your reader, not to make him or her feel low because of their inadequate knowledge of the subject matter.

Proofreading Is Crucial

Think of business writing like a glass of grape juice.

One might concoct the purest juice, but what if forgets to filter out the seeds and stems?

The junk in this example is just like the errors you haven’t rectified, thanks to your causal approach towards proofreading.

Re-reading is often more effective than reading.

If any terms are from a language other than English, you can use a translation services website to ensure that your quality, efficiency, and output are never hampered.

Qualified language experts ensure that your work is always top-notch.

Are You Sure About the Tone?

Don’t let your tone become the tone of the article. It so happens that when a writer is a bit upset, the rhythm of the article is disturbed.

If a writer is angry, the anger starts reflecting in the words of the piece itself.

Hence, it is important to take breaks as a business writer when you feel you will not concentrate on the topic one hundred percent. 

Be a Pro at Your Pronouns

This is a tip that is not specific to just business writing.

One of the basic prerequisites of effective writing is to use genders, names, and titles appropriately.

Any errors on this front are likely to damage a writer’s reputation significantly.

Make Your Templates

If a business writer manages to produce a stellar piece that gets more than enough traction, then it is worth keeping a copy of that piece.

Using the creative content that you have created in the past can also help you in the future.

Informal Works, Sometimes!

Business writing is all about being mindful of technicalities and formalities.

But sometimes, being a little informal can do the trick as well.

Here, we don’t mean that you should start joking about everything.

Rather, it is all about adding a touch of informality subtly, which will make your piece even more interesting to read.

Ask the Right Questions

You cannot be asking a Why when it is a matter of Who.

We are sure that you are familiar with the key Ws’.

It is all about asking the right questions at the right time, which comes with a lot of practice.

Benefits Over Features

What gets the traction is the advantages, the benefits that the reader will learn only by reading your piece.

A reader can learn everything about features, even from a low-quality article.

Making sure that your piece offers that advantage to the reader is quite crucial for your success.


Call to Action is not a mandatory but value-adding feature of any business article.

If a business writer can convince his or her reader to do something, it is nothing short of a superpower.

Don’t Leave Your Readers Hanging!

Again, we must tell you, if you keep your reader confused by offering multiple choices without any decisive input, the chances are high that the reader will never bother reading any business content created by you.

Don’t Have Time? Hire Someone!

And lastly, if you don’t have enough Time on your hands or feel a little less qualified about writing on business-related topics, you can always hire an expert to write on them for you.

That’s how convenient life is in the 21st century!


That’s your 12th tip. A great conclusion is the garnishing on the top that every piece of business writing needs.

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