July 26, 2019

How to Write Better Content for Business? Best tips you should know

By Sona Mathews
Content is the key to success in the digital world. Whether you own a small business, eCommerce store, or even a blog, you will need epic content on your website to make it rock. Sadly, the content available on most websites is despicable.

Either the writers are not professional, or the site owners don’t have the budget to hire better content writers for their websites.

How to Write Better Content for Business? Best tips you should know: eAskme
How to Write Better Content for Business? Best tips you should know: eAskme

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And, that is one major reason they have low traffic, higher bounce rate, and a minimum page load time on their websites.

So, what is the workaround and how do you write better content for your business?

In this article, we will discuss some proven tips to help you write engaging content for your readers so that they keep coming back to your blog.

Note: If you are clueless about how to get content for your business, you can always get SEO content writing services.

Effective Content Tips That Work for All Businesses

Effective Content Tips That Work for All Businesses: eAskme

1.    Write What People Want to Know

If you have written keyword focused content then write what the user intent will be.

This means you should answer the question that the users will be asking in the content.

For example, if a person searches for ‘best weighted-vest for home gym,’ then you should review all the best weighted-vests and tell about their benefits to the users through your posts.

Also, make sure that this content is properly formatted so that readers who skim the content can also get the crux of the topic. More on this later.

2. Create a Hook That Grab Reader Attention

Once you are sure that you have added every single piece of information that the users will be trying to search for when they write that keyword in Google search, the next step is to bring them to your article.

Think about it.

There are 10 organic search results.

Every search result is trying to get clicks. But how will these results get the most clicks?

By writing stunning headlines.

Something that is not natural, but at the same time, is easy to read and that answers the question asked.

Let’s take the same example of weighted-vest we discussed earlier.
  • 10 Weighted-Vests Under $50 You Can Get Right Now
  • 5 Weighted-Vests You Can Get For Home. No 5 Can Last a Lifetime
These are just two examples of headlines that can grab reader attention.

3. Write in Your Own Voice

Your content piece should reflect your voice and thoughts.

Every writer has a unique style that makes them who they are and that helps their readers differentiate them from the rest.

Your own voice should be bold, confident, and align with your company’s business goals.

Note: Most companies want the writers to keep the tone of their company.

While, some companies want the writers to write in their own voice.

Make sure to discuss this with your manager before you start writing.

4. Focus On a Single Aspect

While your articles can focus on many aspects, try to keep a single aspect in your article. This can be anything you decide.

Let’s discuss the same example we have discussed earlier.

In our article on ‘Best Weighted-vests Online’ our purpose was to find five weighted-vests that are of quality and available at an affordable price.

We can further differentiate us from the rest by adding a ‘rating’ for each weighted-vest we review.

But our focus is still on a single aspect i.e. ‘review of weighted-vests.’

5. Optimize for Digital

When you write for digital medium, your content should include images, videos, charts, graphs, flash-based assets and infographics.

Because websites can display all this type of information on the website quite easily.

Moreover, it is a fact, that people skim the pages instead of reading the whole text.

This means your content should write in short paragraphs, bullet points, use headings and subheadings.

Also, try to write SEO optimize content with latest content strategies in mind.

6. Re-Read Your Work

Do you remember that saying, ‘write once, edit thrice’?

Writing isn’t the most important lesson you should learn but editing that piece of content. And, making it ready for publication.

After you have created a first draft, go back and consider how you might polish the rough edges of your writing.

In most cases, you will see significant improvement in your writing after working through it a few times, even when professional content writers have written the piece.

7. Add Facts & Points

Think how you read content on the web. You skim it.

And, if the content is important you will try to focus on sentences that are in bold, bullet points, graphs, facts, inverted commas and italics. These are important sentences.

Unless you are a part of an English course, you won’t be reading the whole sentences written in the article.

This is why it is important to make it as much visually appealing as possible.

8. Make Changes When Needed

Your articles aren’t published in a book that can’t be altered.

They are published on the web. This means you can easily modify them and enhance their rankings in search engines.

Simply observe which articles are not performing and why.

Use Google Analytics > Site Content > Landing Page - Search the URL of your article.

This will show you from where visitors are coming to your articles and how you can improve the articles to make more visitors coming to the posts.

How Web Readers Act?

Research says that readers always look for familiar words.

For example, you are searching for a cheap flight from one destination to the next.

What are you going to search for? Here is what many do search for.

How to Write Better Content for Business? Best tips you should know: eAskme

When you use these keywords in your content, it is more likely that your content will show up to those people who are searching for the terms mentioned in the screenshot.

Final Word

I can say this with surety that if you follow these above mentioned tips you can easily improve your content writing skills.

Not only will that enhance your business profitability, but also help turn your customers into recurring ones.

In the end, it is all about practice, practice, and more practice.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your skills. Patience, consistency, and practice are the keys to long-term business success.

If you still have any question, do share via comments.

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