January 20, 2022

How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your Website?

Instagram keeps growing. It started with allowing users to share photos in real-time, communicating with their friends and online audiences.

How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your Website?: eAskme
How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your Website?: eAskme

Then became a bevy of Instagram videos that detailed the intricate aspects of users’ lives.

But that was not even half of it. Instagram is now an ideal platform to communicate with users at almost every juncture with stories and reels in tow.

So, it makes sense that Instagram marketing continues to expand.

Now, how can you use this growth for marketing your website?

Let’s find out:

Link Your Site:

You will find it annoying with Instagram because you cannot link your site to your posts.

If people like a caption, they will fumble over how to get what you are offering in the post.

Now, how can you combat this?

Well, you start by linking your site in your bio.

But don’t just add the site link and leave it at that. Say, for example, that you sell beauty products.

Then your bio can have a call-to-action (CTA) like, “Click on the link below to get beauty products at 20% off. Sale lasts till the end of the month!” That is sure to grab enough attention.

But is a CTA all it takes to drive traffic to your website?

Not quite – you must also show people that you already have a keen audience.

Of course, a new business will not have thousands of followers.

So, it helps to create the illusion of interest.


Post a video about what you do or an offer about your business. Then buy real Instagram video views, which will convince people that you’ve got something good in store for them.

Direct Your Audience:

Even with a link in your bio, your audience will not automatically know where to get your products.

Say you post a picture about the benefits of using a cleanser.

Then buyers flood your comments section asking where they can get the cleanser and how much it costs.

The last thing you want is to have unanswered comments.

It shows people that you do not have a grip on your social media management or care about your clients.

So, jump in those comment sections and start replying to those comments.

Then direct them to the link to purchase the product or learn more about it.

Curate Instagram Stories:

Have you used the stories feature on your Instagram?

There are many reasons why you should do so.

Some people barely look at their feed owing to the number of stories at a time.

So, if you want them to see what’s on yours, you are better off linking it in your stories.

Also, stories allow you to share real-time happenings.

Say you are offering a 10% discount on all your products.

Your stories would be the best place to keep advertising this.

Why? – Unlike your feed, where you cannot place links, stories allow you to do so.

Add the offer and include the direct link to your website where people can learn more about the products or even purchase them.

However, please note that this is only available to businesses with more than 10,000 followers.

So, what happens if you don’t have enough followers?

Well, you can ask your audience to DM you for more information.

Then you can send them a link straight to their messages. See? - Problem solved!

Add Links to Your Video Descriptions:

Here’s another way to drive traffic to your site even if you don’t meet the 10,000-follower threshold.

First, create a video that addresses your audience’s needs.

What are they looking for?

Maybe you want to give them a discount on all purchases made during a certain week.

Then the video can be all about the items at a discount.

As you write your description, you can add the link to your site. That way, if someone wants to see what’s on offer, they can click on it.

Oh, and add the IGTV link to your stories. It gets you more views and allows people to access the link.

Use Instagram Shopping:

You’ve probably noticed the increased attention to Instagram shopping – a feature that allows you to view products while still on Instagram.

So, how do you use it to your benefit?

The first thing is to take very good pictures that show the best aspects of your products.

That will prompt people to click on the posts to see the prices.

If they like what they see and are okay with the costs, they can follow a direct link to your website.

Now, how do you get people to notice the products?

Keep mentioning that the posts are shoppable and direct people with a CTA to the shop.

Also, use the stickers in your stories to direct traffic to your products.

Did you know that you can also sell directly from Instagram?

That’s up to you! If the goal is to get more traffic to your site, keep directing people to your website.

But if all you want is to make more sales, it won’t matter.

Build Anticipation:

It’s one thing to post an offer on your stories and ask people to swipe up to grab it.

After all, why should they do it?

What’s in it for them?

It’s another thing in its entirety to create interest in the product. For example, if you’re selling a mattress, you can start by outlining the benefits of good sleep.

As you move from one story to another, you will create anticipation.

Then, when you finally bring up the mattress, you will have converted some of your audience into leads.

You can then cross your fingers that some of them will buy the product.

Remember that you must always include a CTA which tells people where they can find the link to your website.

For example, if you want them to follow the link in your bio, let them know. Direct them there if you want them to click on the shoppable posts.

Do not assume they can tell what step comes next – tell them what to do. Have fun!

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