March 02, 2022

8 Social Media Marketing Tips to Increase Your Following

Social media is an essential part of every Internet user's life, which is why many businesses utilize social media for marketing.

Massive social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are among the most popular platforms that help businesses grow.

Social Media Marketing Tips to Increase Your Following: eAskme
Social Media Marketing Tips to Increase Your Following: eAskme

Such platforms connect businesses to a broader audience and help promote their brand, consequently increasing its popularity and sales.

However, establishing your presence online does not necessarily equate to more success.

For your business to become more prominent and successful, you need to boost your social media following, and this can be done with these few tips:

Build a Strong Brand Identity:

If you want to increase your following, you need to have a strong brand identity.

This is a no-brainer.

Your brand should be relatable, so it's easy for your target audience to connect with it. It should also be unique and stand out from the rest of the brands.

Make sure that you are consistent with your branding that the colors and themes you use on your website, blog and social media profiles are the same across all platforms.

Also, do not neglect to share helpful content that resonates with your audience's interests and needs.

And always remember to provide excellent customer service by responding to comments, questions and concerns promptly and appropriately.

Follow Relevant Accounts:

When creating content, think about what your audience cares about and create content that directly addresses their problems.

Don't be afraid to share other people's content.

Sharing others' work can be a great way to build relationships with them and increase the likelihood of reciprocity in the future.

Hashtags are a great way to find new audiences who might not otherwise see your content.

Still, they can also help organize and keep track of conversations on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Engage with Followers:

One of the easiest ways to increase your social media following is to engage directly with your current audience.

It takes a lot less effort to convince someone who already knows you or you that they should follow you on social media than it does to attract a whole new person.

Therefore, make sure to respond whenever someone comments on one of your posts, tweets you, or asks you a question; ask questions in your posts and encourage people to respond; post content designed to encourage sharing, such as user-generated content contests or polls; use hashtags to find your posts easily and share them with others.

Schedule Posts to Keep Organized:

Scheduling posts is a great way to increase your following. You can schedule posts for the future, ensuring that you constantly post timely content.

This keeps you organized and on top of things.

Plan what you want to post about the month or week in advance. It's okay if you don't have the content at the moment.

At least plan out what you will post about.

Create a calendar to write down what posts are scheduled for what day. Use apps or websites to schedule posts to multiple social media channels at once.

Hootsuite is an example of a website that allows you to do this.

Cross Market All-Platforms into One:

The best way to cross-market all platforms into one is to be prepared.

If you want to post across all your social media platforms, plan!

This will help you create a cohesive brand and ensure that your marketing strategy is working well as a whole.

It's essential to cross-market on all of your platforms because it helps your social media followers understand who you are and what you represent in one glance.

It also makes it easy for them to find you if they search for the same handle across multiple social media sites.

Market Research Relevant Hashtags and Keywords:

Doing market research is highly important in different fields.

From sorting clients to finding your target audience. It can help when you are planning out your social media posts.

By looking at what your competitors are doing with their social media, you can get ideas on what works and what doesn't work.

You want to find the most popular hashtags that apply to your business.

Given that hashtags were originally made for Instagram, you're going to find the best ones on this platform.

You can also use Keyword Tool or even Google Trends or Google Adwords to find what people are searching for.

Whether it is a gaming company, live casino, or even an online shop, the right hashtags and keywords will help your business and brand get more visibility.

Build Partnerships:

When it comes to social media marketing, the best way to build a large followers base is by establishing partnerships. This is one of the best ways to get your brand noticed.

For instance, Instagram has popularized this concept by introducing the "Partner" program. This allows influencers with over 100,000 followers to partner with brands and creates sponsored posts for them.

This benefits both parties because the brand can reach a wider audience through an influencer's account, and the influencer can make money from posting about products.

A similar concept applies to all other social media platforms as well.

While not all platforms have an official partnership program, you can still find brands willing to collaborate with you to reach a wider audience.

Use Data to Understand and Respond:

Social media is more than likes and clicks.

It's about knowing what people want from you and what they're looking for when visiting your social pages.

The best way to understand and respond to people's needs is by using data.

An excellent place to start is with Google Analytics, which will let you see who's visiting your site, how long they stay and where they're coming from.

You can also see what pages they spend the most time on and what content gets the most views.

After evaluating this data, it is easier to plan what steps should be taken next to attract more followers.


Social media is about respecting your customers and allowing them to connect with you.

If you can take the time to understand social media and use it this way, you will engage with your customers in a whole new way.

This post provides some tips that businesses can follow to increase their following and boost their presence online.

Still have any question, do share via comments.

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