March 28, 2022

3 Things You Can Blog About When You’ve Got Writers Block

Although blogging is generally relatively easy, coming up with new ideas can be a stumbling block.

However, you will find that any blog thrives on content, so as long as what you are blogging about is of interest to you and your reader, your blog will likely be successful in being read from the start through to the end.

3 Things You Can Blog About When You’ve Got Writers Block: eAskme
3 Things You Can Blog About When You’ve Got Writers Block: eAskme

If you have to research the topics within your blog, it is wise to go to a few different sources to gain your information, as this will give your blog depth and help you sound like you know what you are blogging about.


Everybody has their favorite movie, and quite frankly, there is nothing easier than blogging your heart out about all the parts and characters you like the most and where you think their personal stories will take them after their respective debut in the movie.

You may also have interesting points about the movie's director and ideas about how the sets could have been improved to put forward to your readers to either spark conversation or gain a response.

If this fails, there is always the point of writing a review about a movie that you have been looking forward to and sharing your experiences, your delight, and your disappointment with others that are either looking to see the movie themselves or are looking for other like-minded people to share their views with.

Sports and Games:

Sports and games are always stylish blogging; whether your blog is a mix of reaction and review of a particular match you are watching or looking at the IPL Satta odds for the next game, you can almost be sure of your blog being read and enjoyed.

When it comes to gaming, it is up to you whether you choose to concentrate your efforts on just one kind of game or whether you want to set yourself a target and get involved in many across the life span of gaming (from the year dot to the modern-day) and blog about how they have changed and how the gaming audience has grown and games mutated to fit all gamer tastes.


There are just so many different types of music to be enjoyed and blogged about, whether you choose to stick to your favorite band or style of music or whether you want to experiment and cast your net far more comprehensive, or even if you are a musician yourself, giving your spin on how music affects you and your state of mind as well as how it can help others with theirs.

The list is almost endless, with so many different angles that can be written about and subjects covered.

You may feel that you would want to write a review of a band's recent live show or even your local music festival, or maybe carry out some interviews to see how other attendees are enjoying the event and gauge the audience's interest.

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