March 27, 2022

25 Local Ranking Signals that Matter the Most

By Sona Mathews

Do you want to rank your website in Google's Local Pack? 

If yes, you should learn about the local search ranking factors and optimize your website according to them.

25 Local Ranking Signals that Matter the Most: eAskme
25 Local Ranking Signals that Matter the Most: eAskme

It s not easy to rank for local search because:

  • Because are tend to find "near me" businesses.
  • Almost every business is using Local SEO.
  • Google Local pack is limited to 3 results only.

The question is what you should do to rank in the top 3 results for local searches. And how to make sure that people find your business more efficient than others.

To ensure that you are on the right path, you must understand the 25 local ranking signals.

But first, understand what Google Map Pack or Google Local Pack is.

Google Local Pack:

Google's Local Map Pack is the feature where users enter the query to find a local business, and Google displays the first 3 results before displaying organic results.

Google has been working in every possible way to make Google's local pack more effective for searchers.

Google has also introduced a feature that displays a local map on the right side of the page and local business on the left side.

Why Google's Local Pack is Important?

Google has a local pack in place because searchers find it easy to get the best result with complete details such as businesses near me, timing, reviews, website, contact number, etc.

Local SEO plays a vital role in ranking your business for local searches. But it works when you do everything to optimize your page for Google's Local Pack.

Note: There is no guaranteed strategy to rank for every query in google search.

Yet, you can do what most of the competitors are not doing or are too lazy to do, and it will give you the advantage to outrank many competitors.

So now you understand the importance, let's learn the top Local SEO ranking signals.

We have categorized SEO ranking signals/factors into the following categories:

  1. Basic Local SEO Ranking signals
  2. Advanced Local Ranking signals

Let's dig deeper.

Basic Local SEO Ranking signals:

Google Business Profile:

Google My Business was rebranded as a Google Business profile.

It is a tool where you can add your business can claim your Google business profile for free.

Google business profile is the first thing you should do to increase your chances of ranking for local searches.

You can use Google business profile in two ways:

Find your business on Google Maps and click on "Claim this business."

Type name and address to find business in search results.

Choose Google Business Profile Category:

You must choose the right category or categories in Google's business profile. To ensure that the result will display for relevant queries.

Add media to Your Google Business page:

Add videos and photos to your Google My Business profile.

You can add photos of your office, products, events, customers, etc.

These photos will work as a ranking signal for local search.

Use Bing Place for Business:

List your business in Bing places for business.

Use Citations and Local Directories:

Claim your business on local directories such as;

  • Apple Maps
  • Foursquare
  • Yahoo's Localworks
  • Yellowpages.

Add your business on review sites:

According to Harvard Business Review, listing your business on review sites will increase the business rating of the sites.

You should list your business on sites like:

  • Angie's List
  • Glassdoor
  • Yelp

Don't forget the review on your Google Business profile.

Count on Positive Reviews:

It is essential to interact with those who leave reviews on your business.

High-quality reviews will help your business attract more clients and rank better in search.

Review with Locations and Keywords:

Not every review is valuable.

Reviews with keywords and location help Google identify that your business is local and trusted.

Respond to reviews:

Your response on reviews will help Google understand that you are engaging with the customer and your page is live.

Your replies will build trust for your business.

Negative reviews with no response:

Even if your business gets negative reviews, you should still respond to them. Google also looks for the number of negative reviews without response.

You must know how to handle negative reviews.

Facebook Business Page:

Social signals also work in Local SEO.

Creating a Facebook business page and update it with essential details such as timing, location, description, and website is essential.

List Your Business on Social Sites:

Keep your business profile active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Regularly post on these social networks to make people engage with your content.

According to the superoffice survey, the average response time was 4 hours.

The fast response shows the activeness of your business and is essential for user satisfaction.

Accurate information across networks:

You should use accurate information about your business, such as name, contact number, address, etc., on every platform.

Consistent details will make it easy for customers to find your business without confusion.

Mobile-Friendly Website:

You must have a user-friendly, mobile-responsive website.

Advanced Local Ranking signals:

Use Structured Data Markup for Local SEO:

Use Structured data markup for:

  • Address
  • Hours
  • Menu
  • Multiple departments
  • Phone number
  • Website

You can use schema markup plugins.


To improve CTR, you must use creative headlines and descriptions.


Be consistent in publishing content. Keep track of your progress.

Keyword and On-Page location optimization:

Use keywords with location when optimizing your content.

Title and Description:

Use keywords in meta title and description.

Optimize keywords and measure keyword density.

Inbound Links:

Links from authentic resources in your content. Make sure that inbound links are relevant.

Diversify Inbound links:

A diversified inbound link profile is the best link profile.

Make sure that every link is coming from a high authority website.

Relevant links:

Earn links from relevant local sites like community blogs, news websites, etc.

You can also use press release sites.

Keyword+Local inbound link:

The best link from a high-quality site is where you get links with the local keyword.

Satisfy user intent:

User satisfaction is essential. You can follow the path by claiming your Google Business profile.

Domain Authority:

Domain authority is also an essential factor in analyzing websites authority.

You should gradually increase domain authority.


The first thing you should do is create a Google Business profile. It will help in local SEO ranking.

Use a holistic SEO strategy to rank better in Google's Local Pack.

Local SEO is the most competitive. Yet, Optimize your business for these ranking signals to grow your business.

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