June 26, 2022

10 Local SEO Strategies For Dentists And Doctors

Are you working as an SEO expert for dentists or doctors websites? Do you want to know how to use local SEO strategies to increase the search presence of dentists and doctors?

Organic traffic is known as the best traffic for any website or blog. And targeted organic traffic is the best of the best.

10 Local SEO Strategies For Dentists And Doctors: eAskme
10 Local SEO Strategies For Dentists And Doctors: eAskme

Search engine giant Google is delivering a maximum number of organic traffic to healthcare websites, including websites of dentists and doctors.

According to the SimilarWeb report, Mayoclinic receives 85.25% organic traffic, ClevelandClinic receives 83.54% organic traffic, and HopkinsMedicine gets 78.97% organic traffic.

As an SEO professional, you should know that it is not easy to rank on the first page of Google. Search engines have evolved, and algorithms are updated.

Patients use search engines like Google to find doctors and dentists in the local area. "Doctor near me" or "Dentist near me" is quite popular searched on Google.

Users want the nearest healthcare solution, and this is when you should consider Local SEO seriously for your healthcare website.

Local SEO is helping every business to grow and meet potential clients in the local area. It is necessary to use Local SEO to grow the number of local clients for healthcare sites of dentists and doctors.

Today, I am sharing how you can use the following Local SEO strategies to rank dentists' and doctors' websites on the first page of Google.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is focused on making your website rank for geo-specific searches.

For example: "Doctors in Chicago, and "SEO agency in California" are the local searches.

Patients can search "Doctors near me" or "Dentists near me." Google uses the user's geolocation to display nearby doctors or dentists.

With the help of Local healthcare SEO, you can rank your healthcare business for the relevant searches. With best SEO practices, your site can even rank in the first 3 results.

Why Dentists and Doctors are Interested in Local SEO?

Patients want quick help. They open Google search to find nearby healthcare specialists.

People do not follow yellow pages anymore. Rather patients visit Google and type "doctor near me" or "dentist near me" and schedule an appointment.

Modern-era patients use Google to book their first appointment with doctors. Geolocation-based searches are popular among patients.

With the help of Local SEO, you can meet more patients.

Dentists and Doctors should also create their Google Business Profile to help them rank better in local areas.

If you fill your Google My Business page with all the necessary information, you have better chances of getting appointments.

You can make sure that local patients can find you without spending a dime on Google ads.

Local SEO also helps you compete with other doctors or dentists in the local area.

The major reason why Doctors and Dentists need Local SEO is to meet more patients.

Now, look at the best Local SEO strategies for Doctors' and Dentists' websites.

10 Effective Local SEO Strategies for Dentists and Doctors:

As you know the Local SEO benefits, you should also understand that it is not tedious, expensive, or time-consuming.

Some Local SEO factors need time to bring results.

Let's get familiar with Local SEO strategies for healthcare.

Google Business Profile:

Google My Business was rebranded as Google Business Profile.

To get maximum benefits from Local SEO, you should add services, products, timings, and practices to your Google Business Profile.

If Google has already created a listing for your business, you first claim that listing, check the accuracy, and verify it.

It is necessary to add an appointment link on Google Business Profile, and you will see up to 44% growth in appointments.

Keyword Research:

Keyword research also plays an important role in Local SEO. Optimize your content with local keywords. It will help search engines to display your business to potential patients.

Use location-specific keywords such as "Doctors near me," "Dentists near me," etc.

Think like your target patient to find relevant local keywords.

What do your patients need? Are you the best Doctor for them? What keywords are they using to find relevant doctors?

Use SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, KWfinder, etc., to find relevant keywords.

Note down important keywords and search volume. Use keywords with a small search volume.

Google Posts:

Google Posts is a free tool from Google.

Use Google Posts to communicate and engage with your target audience.

Share announcements, and promote offers and services using Google posts.

Add visual content in Google posts to boost engagement and add CTA links.

Must use UTM parameters to find out the source of your traffic.

Google posts will help you understand your patients better.

You will find a lot of content ideas.

According to Convertrank, discount and service-related content boost conversion.

Adopt a Google post strategy to deliver recent messages to your potential patients.

Even if you do not know how to write engaging content, then hire the services of a copywriter.

You can add up to 1500 words in Google posts.

Google posts and effective, engaging, and free for you.

But to access Google Posts, you must have verified your Google Business Profile.

Safety and Health:

Covid19 has changed healthcare practices worldwide.

Now you should add Safety and Health attributes to your Google Business Profile.

Upload all the necessary information that is helpful for your patients.

Add information like appointment booking link, walk-in appointment, precautions, COVID safety requirements, etc.

By adding this information, you can build trust with your patients.


The operational timing of your healthcare business is important for your patients.

According to Brightlocal Survey, 64% of patients use Google Business Profile to find addresses and contacts.

Patients visit Google to find doctors' or dentists' addresses, timing, and contact numbers.

It is necessary to add correct information, or else your patients will leave negative reviews.

Must update active contact number and healthcare timing.

Local Landing Page:

Add the CTA landing page to your Google Business Profile.

Your landing page can help engage and communicate with your patients.

For example, Your keyword is "Dentist in New York." You should add relevant information to your landing page that satisfies the need of patients in New York.

Address every problem of your patient.

Share the benefits of your services. Use creative visuals.

Display customer reviews, testimonials, etc.

Also, add a Call-to-action button on your page.

Use a dynamic map to make it easier for your patients to find your location.

Local SEO Link Building:

Link building is also important for Local SEO.

Google also considers sites with high authority links.

You want to earn links from high-quality sites. But build links with local sites. It will help to improve your local business ranking.

Create content and publish that in community blogs with backlinks pointing to your website.

Sponsoring health events will also help you earn quality backlinks and mentions.

Get published in local newspapers, websites, and magazines.

Local business directories will also help you.

Google Business Profile Calls and Messages:

Patients can call on your number listed in GBP.

It is important to answer every call.

To deliver a better customer experience, you should answer every call with patience and enthusiasm.

Reviews in Local SEO:

Local reviews play an important role in Local SEO for dentists or doctors.

98% of patients first read reviews on Google before visiting a doctor or dentist.

Online reviews are influential and make the patient decide if he/she wants to visit the facility or not.

74% of customers leave reviews online.

People are more intented to leave a bad review than a good one. Because everyone remembers harassment, but very few remember the treatment.

You should respond to each review.

One Address for Multiple Businesses:

Multiple businesses can use one location in Google Business Profile, but you should have a different Tax code.


Local SEO is important to attract local traffic and local patients.

Your business can rank better in Google search with the help of Local SEO optimization.

With Local SEO, doctors and dentists can improve their online presence, get more appointments, and generate more earnings.

Optimize Google Business Profile for better results.

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