August 25, 2022

Influencers - How Do They Help Grow Business?

The use of influencer marketing has multiplied in recent years to become one of the most successful methods for brands to grow their business.

To stay competitive, companies must adapt and learn new tricks to gain more followers on Instagram or learn how to use influencers to boost their business.

Influencers - How Do They Help Grow Business?: eAskme
Influencers - How Do They Help Grow Business?: eAskme

By collaborating with influencers, firms can expand their reach, establish a reputation, strengthen their brand story, and ultimately position themselves for success.

Influencer partnerships provide businesses with assured targeted exposure to the intended customer base. Here are some ways influencers can help companies to grow.

Extending Reach:

Using influencers as a marketing tool is an effective strategy for maximizing engagement and reaching untapped audiences.

Partnering with influencers allows businesses to access unique audiences they couldn't get before.

There are two categories of influencers, the macro, and the micro.

The micro-influencers are those with ten thousand followers or less, and the macro is household names like celebrities with over ten thousand followers.

Kim Kardashian is a celebrity in her own right, and she has a reputation for being paid $250,000 for one single post.

However, she still uses influencers of her own to promote one of her many businesses, whether that be KKW Beauty, SKKN by Kim, or her clothing brand SKIMS.

She does this by sending influencers gift baskets, and they will post about it on their stories and feed.

Enhances Brand Narrative:

Solid and long-lasting brands develop through storytelling.

Businesses can create a brand narrative allowing the audience to connect with their company or product.

A brand can accomplish this by employing influencers to express the brand's image in a manner that will be easy to understand by their followers.

For example, if a business sells a skin care product with SPF, they may want to choose an influencer to go to a luxurious beach destination to show them using the products.

Or do the photoshoot for the product in said destinations for the influencer to post later.

Brand narratives also extend to experiences where brands offer influencers experiences to promote locations, hotels, and even casinos.

A famous example is Drake's partnership with, an online crypto betting platform.

Drake is becoming famous for his extensive gambling sessions, particularly roulette, and has agreed to promote the site through his social media posts.

He takes his laptop worldwide, playing at NBA games, on vacation in Dubai, and his private jet.

If you want to gamble like Drake (but on a much lower budget), you need to find an excellent online casino site.

Finding a reliable online casino in the UAE is difficult as the rules on gambling are still stringent and heavily regulated.

As a result, those who want to play slots or blackjack during their downtime must use a VPN to connect to an offshore gambling site.

From comparison platforms, you can find online reviews of the operators; access information on safe gambling practices, and even keep up to date with the laws and regulations of gambling in the UAE.

Dubai has come a long way in the last twenty years and is a luxurious destination to send influencers to sell their brand's story.

Positive Feedback Opportunities:

Businesses working with influencers enable them to establish an open and honest communication channel where audiences can share their experiences.

When these experiences are positive, it lets the brand know what they are doing right, what audiences the products reach, and what they can continue to do to draw new clientele.

When businesses get negative feedback, they can turn it into something positive, and the company knows what they need to change.

These reviews are essential to any business because genuine feedback from an influencer or their network encourages thousands of followers to try the company.

Build Brand Credibility:

Whether a business is new or if they have been around for a long time, to keep customers engaged with their products, they reply heavily by word of mouth.

Advertisements on our phones can entice audiences, but an influencer or their followers is much more trusted.

Influencers lend credibility to a brand's products or services because their audience trusts them, and many people see them as friends because they spend so much of their time looking at their lives.

Depending on the influencer you choose, the cost of an influencer partnership will vary, but they are worth considering.

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