October 19, 2020

Wellness Influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how.

Come on, let’s get well! This is the message that all wellness influencers are shouting together in one voice. Nutrition, health, yoga, or fitness influencers are all giving us advice on what to eat (or not to eat) and how to fuel our bodies and keep them healthy.

How are wellness influencers changing the social media landscape?

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Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme
Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme

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If we would broadly define “wellness”, we could say that it is the pursuit of activities that promote physical and mental wellbeing.

But here’s the thing: these activities have grown into a $4.2 trillion global market, that continues to grow almost twice as fast at the global economy.

As such... it only makes sense that opportunists were wise to pay attention to where this industry is heading and adapt to what consumers want.

So, what do consumers want?

Well, a lot of stuff, among which fresh and relevant content on social media. They want Instagram stories, TikTok funny videos, or interesting Facebook posts they can share with their friends.

So, there you have it: that’s how wellness influencers started to rise all over social media platforms and became trendsetters.

Suddenly, social media personalities started to tell us to slow down for a little bit, to embrace plants in our spaces, to embrace CBD buds as natural remedies for our conditions, or to spend less time on our devices.

So, how are Wellness Influencers Reshaping Social Media? Here’s how.

Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme
Wellness influencers are Changing Social Media. Here's how: eAskme

Spread health one post at a time

It shouldn’t be difficult to take care of your body and stay healthy in 2020 when information is at our fingerprints.

Yet, unfortunately, having three meals per day, drinking enough water, or exercising can fall behind in terms of priorities when you juggle with a demanding job, a family, and several other tasks.

Not only that we often lack time to surf the web for this kind of information, but we also often forget about doing what we were told that would keep us healthy.

But that’s when wellness influencers come to rescue by promoting healthy habits post by post, reminding us what we must do to keep our health at the top.

Now, let’s be honest, on your coffee break at work, or late in the night before going to sleep, the chances are that you are scrolling your social media news feed rather than reading blogs on how to stay healthy.

Well, since you are on social media, the posts of the wellness influencers you are following can help you learn what you need in an engaging way.

For example, Instagram can teach you a lot about alternative medicine. Countless wellness influencers on social media share their tips on herbal remedies and alternative medicine.

For example, Dr Fina Madrid, a family and cosmetic dentist from Los Angeles and San Diego and a popular IG influencer, uses her account to share natural remedies tips with her 14,4k followers.

She often informs her followers about the benefits of alternative remedies like CBD, echinacea, Vitamin C, or the benefits of getting enough rest and staying hydrated.

Promote mental health awareness

Feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed? You definitely need to talk about it! And that’s really ok.

Years ago, mental health issues were still a taboo topic that most people feared to open up about.

Yet, over the past few years, issues like anxiety, depression, or substance abuse have become easier to talk about thanks to many celebrities who have talked openly about them.

Over time, as wellness influencers became really popular on social media, they’ve also started to promote mental health awareness.

Take Remi Ishizuka, for example. Ishizuka is a top health and wellness influencer with over 280k followers on Instagram. Ishizuka is one of the wellness influencers that often promotes mental health awareness using her inspiring story to help her followers understand how important mental wellbeing is. Remi shared her story with her followers on IG, talking about how job stress can affect someone and how much good some changes in your life can do to your overall wellbeing.

Guru Jagat, another popular wellness and yoga influencer on Instagram, also focuses her content on mental and emotional health. She is often sharing tips on how to improve mental wellbeing with her followers through meditation or yoga.

Promote self-acceptance

Beauty influencers share tips on how to achieve the most dramatic makeups and change you face physiognomy with contouring.

In contrast, most wellness influencers talk about the importance of self-acceptance without wearing makeup or using other products that, in the long run, may affect your skin’s health.

Now, we’re not saying that beauty influencers are bad for teaching people how to achieve flawless makeup.

Yet, what we are saying is that they might be spreading a wrong message, especially to people who already lack self-confidence about their looks.

What’s more, body positivity is another popular topic among wellness influencers, teaching their followers how to love all their physical flaws and how to have a healthy lifestyle.

Take Candice Huffine, for example. Candice is by far the average skinny girl you can see on Instagram. However, despite having the “perfect body” (as promoted by media), she succeeded to become a model and later, a marathon finisher. Huffine often reminds her followers that body positivity is a journey, but a journey that is worth it in the end.

Ana Alarcon, another famous nutrition and wellness influencer, has been sharing her tricks for healthy meals cooked at home. To her, self-acceptance is a matter of accepting your body fully in every moment, including the changes, the size, or the color. Yet, Ana Alarcon also promotes the idea of taking care of your body with healthy food and an overall healthy lifestyle.

Positive content in our news feeds

With so many bad and scaring things happening around the world these days, social media is filled with fake news, negative news, or even bitter memes.

And, the last thing we want to see after a difficult day is other negative news about what’s happening around the world.

So, if you want to change the things you see in your news feed when scrolling on social media, all you have to do is to follow the right people: wellness influencers.

Wellness influencers’ main content areas are based on positive things like body positivity, mental well being, healthy lifestyles, or self-acceptance.

Most of their posts, be it on IG, TikTok, or Facebook, talk about things that will put a smile on your face and help improve your mood.

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