January 31, 2023

OpenAI AI Text Classifier Launched to Identify AI-Written Content!

By Sona Mathews

After ChatGPT, OpenAI is now launching AI Text Classifier. Since the birth of ChatGPT, there have been serious talks about how search engines and other tools can identify AI-written content.

Google has also said that AI-generated content without context and hard work is meaningless.

In such a case, you must seriously consider the content you publish on your site, especially if the content is written by your team or guest writers.

Now, OpenAI is offering you an impressive tool that can quickly indicate whether the text is a-written.
It is easy not to find the difference between AI-generated and human-written texts.

OpenAI's AI Text Classifier:

OpenAI Releases AI Text Classifier to Identify Ai-Written Content: eAskme
OpenAI Releases AI Text Classifier to Identify AI-Written Content: eAskme

OpenAI has launched AI Text Classifier because the company wants to clarify that human-written content differs from AI-generated content.

A recently published article on the OpenAI blog explains the launch and usability of AI Text Classifier:
Relieve the stress of getting AI-written content from humans.

Educational institutions can prevent academic fraud by checking the text.

Identify human impersonation with chatbots.

Note: OpenAI has also declared that AI Text Classifier is unreliable. The test result shows that 26% time was correct about AI-Written content, and 9% of the time tool wrongly marked human-written content as AI content.

Here are the AI Text Classifier Limitations:

  • Wrongly identify human-written and AI-generated text.
  • With minor edits, AI generated content can be marked as human-written.
  • It can give wrong results for text written in other languages or for text written by children.

Yet, OpenAI says that AI Text Classifier works better with longer content (minimum 1000 characters.)

Here is how OpenAI AI Text Classifier Performs:

It is easy to use OpenAI AI Text Classifier. All you need is to log in, paste your content, and hit enter.

The result will mark the content with the following labels:

  • Likely
  • Possibly
  • Unclear if it is
  • Unlikely
  • Very Likely

I have tested ChatGPT content about marketing in the AI text Classifier.

AI text Classifier has rated ChatGPT-generated content as “Possibly.”

screenshot-by-easkme-min: eAskme


It is not a clear indicator of AI-generated content.

The AI text Classifier is not giving 100% authentic results when identifying AI-written or ChatGPT-generated content.

Using Grammarly to edit AI-generated content will move from “Possibly” to “Unclear.”

OpenAI has clearly said in the blog post that it is easy to confuse AI text Classifier with minor edits.

AI text Classifier displays the distinction between AI-written and human-written text. But it is not the only evidence.

Also, the AI text Classifier is still a new tool and requires a lot of testing.

Yet, it is a wise step from the company behind ChatGPT.


I expect more from OpenAI. AI text Classifier is there, and I am not satisfied and not heartbroken.

OpenAI has tried to offer a tool that can, at some level, identify AI-generated text.

But, I am interested in the future of AI text Classifier. Hopefully, it gets updates and gives better results.

Have you tried AI text Classifier?

How do you identify AI-generated content?

Share your thoughts via comments.

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