February 28, 2023

Bing's AI Algorithm What Fabrice Canal's Pubcon Keynote Explains

Fabrice Canal is the Principal Product Manager at Microsoft Bing. This is why his words about the Bing AI algorithm are circulating online.

Fabrice Canal has shed some light on how you should optimize your blog or website for the BING AI algorithm.

Recently, Fabrice Canal gave a keynote at the Pubcon convention in Texas.

Fabrice has discussed the future of SEO in the era of AI-powered search engines. He hinted that traffic data would also start displaying in Bing AI Chat.

Bing's AI Algorithm What Fabrice Canal's Pubcon Keynote Explains: eAskme
Bing's AI Algorithm What Fabrice Canal's Pubcon Keynote Explains: eAskme


Here is what you must know about improving your website visibility in the Bing AI search engine.

Bing AI search and SEO:

Fabrice Canal said you should use current SEO practices to optimize your website for search engines. The reason is that AI is not self-aware and still in the early days.

Canal also wants you to keep an eye on Bing's blog posts and communication to stay updated with the upcoming changes and adjust your website accordingly.

Fabrice Canal stressed the importance of SEO experts in building search engine-friendly websites.

Fabrice said that SEO wouldn't be dead. Bing needs the help of SEO experts to optimize content for AI-powered search engines.

What an SEO professional can do to help Bing algorithm?

Use Lastmod Tag:

Fabrice Canal wants you to use the Lastmod tag to display when you have last updated the article. Sitemap is not enough.

Use the Lastmod tag whenever you make changes to the existing content.

Lastmod tells search engines when the last time article or content was updated. It also helps visitors to know if the content is updated or not.

With the Lastmod tag, you will tell the Bing algorithm when you have updated the information. This data will also be displayed in the search result.

18% of sitemaps have Lastmod values set incorrectly.

Bing IndexNow:

You should use the IndexNow feature of Bing web admin tools to tell search engines about the changes and updations.

Your sitemap should contain all URLs and modification dates.

Not only that, but you should also focus on creating quality content with semantic markups.

Manual crawling wastes resources, so Fabrice Canal wants you to choose the IndexNow feature.

20 million websites are already using IndexNow, so why you shouldn't?

What Should You Do?

Fabrice Canal suggests that you should do the following things:


Fabrice Canal's keynote at the Pubcon convention has told us many things you should do to improve your search presence even with Bing Ai-powered search engine.

Canal is not just another rookie whose advice you can let go. He is a professional and an expert in his job. If he is saying something, it means there is some value and authority in that.

Adopt IndexNow, use Bing Webmaster Tools, and fix Lastmod issues in your sitemap.

These will help your content to be ready for the Bing AI-powered algorithm.

What is your takeaway?

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