February 24, 2021

5 Reasons Why Your Travel Blog Hasn’t Taken Off

The life of a travel blogger seems glorious; go around the world and make money doing what you love.

Most people don’t know how to differentiate between being a travel blogger with travel and making money on the road.

These two are not the same thing.

5 Reasons Why Your Travel Blog Hasn’t Taken Off: eAskme
5 Reasons Why Your Travel Blog Hasn’t Taken Off: eAskme

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The latter option is where most people fail and give up within the first few months.

There is often a tendency to oversimplify the work that goes into travel blogging, a trap you should never fall for.

Here are 5 key reasons why your travel blog may be on its final breath.

1. You Didn’t Take into Account How Much Work Needs to Be Done

So, you finally made the trip to that once-in-a-lifetime city and wrote a blog post based on it.

You were positive that this was the one that would get your name into the spotlight.

Yet months later, you only have less than 10 views.

At this point, you may feel like quitting since the opportunity to visit a great destination only rarely comes.

What they didn’t tell you is that you have to painstakingly claw at it for months, years in many cases, to build an audience and a brand.

Earning money, enough money to live off, as a travel blogger, is a labor of love, something that you might end up spending most of your free time on.

It isn’t simply about going to a new destination and writing about it.

Everybody does that.  

2. Your Audience Didn’t Feel the Passion from Your Blog

Traveling is one of those things where someone can tell if you are truly passionate about it without looking in too deep.

A trip to the Taj Mahal or the Sidney Opera House has been done so many times before.

What makes your piece worth reading, especially for new readers who don’t know you?

Thus, instead of simply writing about a place, site, or city that you visit, why not tell the story from a unique perspective?

If everybody is going to record travel videos in Bali from the beach, you could opt to explore the inner city and figure out things for other tourists to do there (that don’t involve the beach).

Or instead of posting photos of wildlife when in East Africa (an overused stereotype, by the way), you could visit some of the lesser-known towns and communities and showcase their magic.

Your audience shouldn’t feel like you are only making trips to make money from them. Rather, they should feel like they are getting a glimpse into the intimate piece of your world.

Eva Zu Beck is a classic example of a blogger turned vlogger who has been able to capitalize on a passion for adventure, translating that into a massive following on YouTube and social media.

3. You Didn’t Tell the World Your Story

Most travel blogs and vlogs that you come across barely come across as authentic.

Getting a reader to stick around for your blog post will be a hard-sell if they can’t see the relationship to your life’s journey.

So many stories have already been written about the same place you visited, so why should yours be special?

Giving your audience a glimpse into your past and how all those moments lead to the present in this particular place is one of the best ways to build a connection.

It leaves your audience with a gut feeling of anticipation about where the next journey will take you and how it will influence you and them.

4. You Are Just Not Consistent

Again, building a travel blog is a labor of love.

Your audience is innately interested in knowing how your journey is tied to your travels.

It is far from true that you need to visit a different city or country for every new blog post.

With proper planning, one city could generate content for weeks or months until you get the next opportunity to travel again.

With enough content, including stories and photos, update your posts regularly and interact with your audience to get an understanding of what they might be interested in.

As a student traveling, a paper writing service can help you create unique content that you can refine for your blog.

5. You Are Not Utilizing Your Social Capital

A well-created blog just doesn’t suffice anymore.

You need to share content across your various social channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

This is the best way to gain a new organic reach for your blog.

Most travel bloggers may also have a YouTube channel, although vlogging may not be their particular strong suit.

Whatever the case, use all available social capital. Keep in mind that audiences prefer live visuals as opposed to bare pictures, and social media is the best way to do this on the cheap.

Persistence and Passion Eventually Pay Off

The most successful travel bloggers have been working at it and perfecting their craft for years.

Most probably didn’t start out trying to make money.

They were just working on something they were passionate about and happened to find a way to make money from it. Remember this if you are a travel blogger on the cusp of giving up.

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