October 04, 2023

Meta's New Generative AI features Tool for Advertisers

Meta is trying to impress advertisers with new AI tools for ads. Meta AI features for advertisers will help in boosting productivity and creativity.

Meta has tested AI features to collect feedback and improve them.

The company is rolling out AI-powered ad features for advertisers.

New AI tools for meta-ads will perform:

  • Text variations
  • Background Generation
  • Image expansion

Meta is Introducing the New Generative AI features Tool for Advertisers: eAskme
Meta is Introducing the New Generative AI features Tool for Advertisers: eAskme

With these features, Meta is helping boost productivity and creativity in ad campaigns.

Advertisers on different platforms are complaining about new ad types and features. Meta is hoping to influence advertisers with these new AI tools.

Meta’s Generative AI Features:

Text Variations:

This feature will generate multiple text versions of the original ad. Not only that, but it will also highlight selling points of services or products.

Advertisers can choose text options that they want to include in the ad.

Background Generation:

Meta’s AI background generation feature will generate multiple backgrounds for your ad campaigns. You can use these backgrounds for product ads to impress your target audience.

Image Expansion:

Meta’s AI image expansion feature will adjust your images to match multiple aspect ratios on multiple devices. Your ad will automatically match Feed, Reels, and other surfaces.

Positive Feedback:

Meta was testing these AI features in their AI Sandbox with a limited number of advertisers. Advertisers have given feedback about the AI tools, and Meta has improved these features to help support your ads.

Meta Generative AI Tools can save time:

Meta’s generative AI features have saved 5 or more hours every week for advertisers. Advertisers are happy with easy background creation, image expansion, and text variations.

Meta Generative AI features are Creative:

With generative AI features in ad creation, advertisers can easily create new ads, test multiple text variations, and images automatically support multiple ad formats and platforms.


Meta is working hard to be creative with AI tools and features.

Meta is trying to leverage the generative AI power to lure advertisers and compete with social media platforms like TikTok.

Meta companies are targeting responsible AI tools on their platform.

You will see more updates from Meta in the coming days, weeks, and years.

Stay tuned with us for the latest updates from Meta, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks.

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