November 14, 2023

Microsoft Advertising Sending Email Alerts about Non-Complaint Ads

Microsoft advertising has updated its advertising policy and launched new policy updates. You can find these updates on the Microsoft Advertising policy page.

Microsoft sends email notifications to alert advertisers about the disapproval of products, ads, or even keywords. Advertisers will only get email notifications if their ads get disapproved.

Microsoft advertising focuses on bringing more transparency and safety to Microsoft ads.

Microsoft Advertising Sending More Email Alerts about Non-Complaint Ads: eAskme
Microsoft Advertising Sending More Email Alerts about Non-Complaint Ads: eAskme

Microsoft email notification cadence will send email notifications faster than before, titled “Notice of Violation of Policy- Ad or Ad Component.”

Advertise will receive an email notification within 24 hours.

Manager Customer Account and Rejections for Email Notifications:

A new email notification process will send details about the ad rejections. Advertisers will get an email explaining technical errors to fix.

Advertisers can then reject the ad content in the Microsoft Advertising link. After clicking the link, the recipient will automatically login to a Microsoft ad account. It is easy to check the specific reasons for ad disapproval.

Advertisers can make changes to send the ad with an appeal for approval or leave the ad content.

What are the common reasons for violating Microsoft ads?

Common Microsoft Ad violations are related to the following:

  • Gambling ads
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Misleading product claims
  • Inappropriate content.

Microsoft advertising is trying to ensure that advertisers follow the guidelines.

Increase Transparency:

Microsoft advertising has rolled out new policies and email notifications to reduce ad violations.

Microsoft Policies Page lists changes. The focus of the updating policies is to increase transparency in Microsoft ads.


The latest update shows that Microsoft Advertising has seen many ad policy violations. The new notification process will inform advertisers when an ad does not follow Microsoft ad policies.

It is also an excellent step to ensure that advertisers can edit or place new ads rather than running ads unrelated to Microsoft policies.

This step will also help the company to win user trust when a user only has ads with authentic content.

More updates are coming soon.

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