October 07, 2023

6 New Audience Ads Updates from Microsoft Advertising!

Microsoft has announced the launch of many new updates, including 6 updates for audience ads. Now, you will see updates in ad placement, availability, and bidding. Microsoft has also introduced Performance Max and renamed the Hotel ad campaign to Lodging campaigns.

Microsoft has published the article on its website and announced the updates for October 2023.

With these ads’ updates, advertisers can maximize the use of their ad budget with more ad options and better audience targeting.

6 Microsoft Audience Ads Updates:

6 New Audience Ads Updates from Microsoft Advertising: eAskme
6 New Audience Ads Updates from Microsoft Advertising: eAskme

With these updates, Microsoft wants to improve profile data, searches, and web activity.

Now, advertisers can target audiences across Microsoft networks such as Outlook, MSN, publishers, and Microsoft Edge.

1. Microsoft Maximize Conversion and Target CPA:

With this update, Microsoft will automatically set bids for your ad campaigns to ensure that your ad gets maximum reach within your ad budget. It will set the average CPA for 30 30-day period.

2. Expanded to New Markets:

In August 2023, Microsoft has expanded its ads to 58 new markets. Now, advertisers can run ad campaigns for 187 markets globally.

3. Predictive Targeting for Valuable Audiences:

Microsoft has released the Predictive targeting feature for Audience Ads. Microsoft audience intelligence will find the target audience automatically for your ad campaigns.

4. Microsoft Casual Games Ad Expansion:

Microsoft has expanded Audience ads to the causal games section. Now, you can place ads on game screens, menus, and homes on computers running on Microsoft Windows. Your ads will start displaying on all Microsoft Causal games.

5. Microsoft 365 Ad Expansion:

Microsoft will display audience ads on the Microsoft 365 mobile app in the US and European countries.

6. Microsoft Video and CTV Ads:

Microsoft has already released CTV and Video ads across various Microsoft platforms and properties.

More Microsoft Ads Updates:

Microsoft has already changed the Hotel Campaigns name and renamed it Loading Campaigns.

Now, vertical ads are also available on the Microsoft network, including Property and Credit card ads.

Soon, you will be able to use ad services for Automotive and Tours.


Microsoft wants to please its advertisers with features and benefits.

It is necessary to update ad formats and test new features that can make it easy for advertisers to reach the target audience.

Microsoft ads updates are the right step in the direction.

What do you think?

Microsoft is also working on future updates that you will see in the coming days, weeks, or months.

Stay tuned with us for the fastest updates from Microsoft, Meta, Twitter (X), TikTok, and more that matter to you.

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