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Why Your Website is Naked without The About Page

It is effortless to start a website or a blog, and you can easily install WordPress to start a site. After creating a website, the next hard part is to make a website trust-able and authority.  But in reality it is not that hard, you need to know few elements that your blog should have to achieve the target.

Some pages are the necessary part of a site such as About page, privacy policy page, contact page. Today we will discuss why a blog or website should have an about page. About page explains everything.
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Usually, an About Page is always one of those pages of a website which attract maximum traffic. Today we will talk about the importance of the About Page.

Why You Need An About Page?

Build Trust With Your Readers

Trust is the key to build a relationship, and the relationship on a website starts at the About page – Gaurav Kumar

Always update your blog About page. Because if you don`t, then it looks like an amateur blog.

Allowing yourself to be known

I visit, About page of every website or blog. Do visitors want to know: who you are? Where are you come from? What do you do? …etc. etc.

Help you get more fans and  friends

Provide all critical contact information in your about page; it provides readers different options to contact you easily. About page attract more readers and followers.

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Final Words:

So I believe now you know why a website needs About page. Do share if you have already updated an about me page or you are still creating it. If you do have any suggestion, feel free to ask me. Don`t forget to subscribe eAskme newsletter to get updates.

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