How to Blog like a Pro Blogger?

Do you want to make money blogging ? and Do you want to be a renowned blogger? In the beginning of my blogging career, I was an amateur blogger. I was blogging for fun and to see how to do it. I believe you also one of those people who want to try luck in the Blogging to earn money. No matter want reason you have, important is that how well you are doing. If you are spending hours and not getting good result then it’s time to rethink your blogging strategy.

How to Blog like a Pro Blogger : eAskme
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Blog Like a Pro

Blogging is about keep learning, implementing and sharing with others. Today I will show some practical insight and motivation, which will help you to blog like a pro-blogger. So let’s see what to do to make you blog like a professional Blog.

Why blog like a professional blogger?

Everyone want to to make most of the things they are doing. If you are just a beginner or already a blogger, it’s time to take action and move few steps ahead. Today I am sharing tips which I have learned during my blogging journey and if you follow them, you will definitely become a better blogger.

Confidence is perfection

Never ask advice from someone who is not confident. You should be confident when you write a post and sharing. You can always build the credibility by not losing it. Everyone get attract to those people who have confidence and the good thing in Blogging is that you need not to show yourself, but you just need to put all the confidence in your words. Now you may have this question that how to become a confident blogger?

How to become a confident blogger?

  •     Article and writing style:  In blogging writing is makes all the difference. You should develop an attractive writing style. I always prefer to write in a conversational way, where I am talking to someone about the topic of my post. If you see you find that I use YOU word many times in my articles, because articles are for you only. At one time it is only you who is reading this, so it is you who is reading this article. I also prefer I instead of WE. We word keep people away from taking responsibility. Blog is your one man show, then why you using “We”?
  •    Design: You may have noticed many times that impression of other person is created by what that person is wearing. Same way design of your blog is important. Your blog design is that thing which give good or bad impression. You should have a good neat and professional looking design. Your design should reflects personality of your blog.  Remember, design is the first impression and first impression lasts forever.
  •     Give face to your blog: Do you know any popular blogger? If yes then think how you know them and why? They are famous because they don`t hide their face. Their blogs are famous with their face and name. It is always easier to connect to a person rather than a brand. Always show who is the person behind this blog. Add an author box and few details about you in about page, add your profile in blog. 
  •     Be Honest: We have read this many times “Honesty is the best policy". But everyone lie at least few times a day. Sometimes people lie to make other’s to be happy. This is bad. Never lie to please people. Be complete honest. Be honest in your online and offline life, and tell me how this changed you. This challenge will improve your life a lot. It also teach you how to say “No” and you gain more confidence. 

Become an Authority blogger:

No matter how good you write, noone gonna bother what you say, until you are don`t have an authority for blog and yourself. Now you ask, how to become an authoritative blogger? It`s actually funny as you already know the answer. When you make above changes, it will make you stand as authority blogger.

Leverage the power of social-media to establish yourself as an authoritative person. First fix social-media presence. Start updating social-media profile details. Make your social-media profile look like resume and reflects personality. Use same profile image everywhere.

Share opinion about the hot topics in your niche. Never doubt yourself and always share your opinion.

Give credit:

Have you ever met a successful person? If you do then you will know that a successful person is always give credits to people for his work. But shallow person never talk about others. Start giving credit of your work and you will start building great relationships. Share your liking with others.

Get into inner circle:

Networking is the key to success. It is very important to build a strong network. This is very important for both online and offline life. When you talk or meet a famous person, then don`t just be a facebook friend, get into his inner circle.

Smart work:

Smart work always good for you. It is good to work hard but working smart is more important. If your write posts but don`t share it, then you always stand the same place where you are today.

You have seen people who started blogging and now making millions of dollars, this all become possible because of their ideas and smart-work. Pick the right set of blogging tools and value your time. Work on time-management. Maintain a perfection. Be happy person.

Time is money and have a team

When you have a team working then your most ideas turn into reality. If you live in remote place then you can build a virtual team.

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Work like an entrepreneur and you can achieve anything online.

These are the important important points I have shared which will help you to achieve your targets and grow big. Do let me know which tips you will be working on and how are you planning to start?

If you need any help, feel free to ask me via comment.
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