Websites To Check Mobile Site Loading Time & Performance

Till now everyone was focusing on making their websites load faster on pc. Now the time has come when you also need to work for the mobile version of your site. In 2019 you should focus to optimize the mobile site for speed and performance. Today we will see how to check mobile speed load time of a mobile site. Run the test and find out the reasons which keeping your mobile website slow.

Mobile phones are the current trend, and mobile Internet is booming. So if your site loads slowly then people will move on some other site. So make sure that your website loads faster.

Websites To Check Mobile Site Loading Time & Performance: eAskme
Websites To Check Mobile Site Loading Time & Performance: eAskme

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Today I am sharing two sites to check the loading time of your mobile site. You should check your mobile site loading time and fix issues to increase its speed.

2 websites to Test Mobile Website Performance & Loading Time


Websites To Check Mobile Site Loading Time & Performance : eAskme


GTmetrix allows you to test mobile site loading on Android devices. You need to create a free account on On Dashboard select “Galaxy Nexus, Android, Chrome” and test loading time of your site. It is a beta test and checks only for Android devices. Still an excellent way to test the performance of the mobile site.

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Google page speed insights:

Websites To Check Mobile Site Loading Time & Performance : eAskme
Google page speed insights is an official tool by Google. It is a performance testing tool. Google page speed insight give you suggestions to improve your mobile website. It shows critical, what need attention and perfect things. You should run a test and fix performance issues. This is a useful tool for developers to fix the problems of your site.

Right now these are the two tools I recommend everyone to test mobile site loading time and performance. But in coming days we can see a few more options to test mobile website. So go ahead and check your website or blog.
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