Best Ways to Improve a Website or a Blog

Your blogging away but somehow the readers aren’t showing up. If you’re struggling to generate enough traffic or keep people engaged with your website or blog, then it might be time to change a few things. Here are some of the best ways to improve your website or a blog without starting over.

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Best Ways to Improve a Website or a Blog : eAskme
Best Ways to Improve a Website or a Blog : eAskme
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Clarify your topic or purpose

Websites with a clear topic or a purpose succeed better than sites that are a bit about everything. It doesn’t mean you only have to write about one topic – such as cars – but you do need a direction to your blog. Perhaps it’s to connect people with a motoring background or interest or collecting the best stories about cars.

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If you feel your blog doesn’t yet have a purpose, sit down and think what are the things you seem to write about the post. Now, consider these with the topics that generate the most views – find the common thread and start clarifying your blog’s message.

Add real stories and use real examples

Whenever you are adding content to your site, make sure there’s a real world angle to it. You don’t want to be talking about things you can’t connect with real life. Why? Because we enjoy reading stories that we can relate to – if you just make things up with no connection to reality, people will find it hard to relate to it. So, always find an angle in something that you have experience in or use other people’s examples as your guide.

Be consistent with your content creation

There’s nothing worse than finding a blog you like and not having it updated regularly. It’s not fun to have to second guess when you can find new content – ultimately, it might lead to people stop visiting your site altogether.

The problem is most people set unrealistic schedules for their blogs. Yes, you might want to blog daily, but do you actually have the time or the creativity to do so? It’s OK if you can’t commit to a busy schedule – just be open about when you are blogging and the visitors will appreciate it.

Don’t just write

Your blog shouldn’t just be about written content. While this can be the main purpose, you do want to occasionally treat your visitors to other things. These can be YouTube video, infographics or even a podcast. Just make sure there is enough variation to entertain different kinds of visitors and to keep people engaged and interested in the content.

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Include images to your site and make them professional

Even the most interesting posts need supporting images. An image can tell a thousand words and capture people’s attention – by noticing a cool image, you might feel more compelled to read the rest of the story.

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However, you don’t want to just add any type of images to the website. First, they need to relate to your site and the specific posts you are writing about. You want them to be personal and unique, not feeling like you’ve just attached them from a stock photo site. Then, you must ensure the quality is good and that the editing adds a layer of fun and purpose to your photos.

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If you haven’t purchased a professional photo editing software, you should. Adobe is a good pick and you can find savings code for it with OZCodes. There are also tons of guides online to help you make the most of it.

Add a forum to your site

Good websites are able to engage with the users. But more importantly, you don’t just want to gather the e-mail addresses or read responses under the blog posts, you also want the visitors to talk with each other.

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Adding a forum on the site is a good way of guaranteeing this. Your forum will ensure more people talk on the site and it can even give you great topic ideas. You can use software like vBulletin to get started.

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There’s just one thing you need to remember: forums need constant moderation. If you don’t have time for this or you can’t get anyone to do it for you, leave the forum for later.

Establish goals

Finally, it can be a good idea to give yourself more focus and purpose by having blogging goals. By setting goals, you know how well you are doing and what are the areas you might need to work on.

Your goals should be realistic, fit your website and be easily measurable. For example, consider setting goals like:

•    RSS Signups
•    Social shares
•    Social followers
•    E-mail mailing list signups
•    Number of comments
•    Traffic on site – specific posts

If you find your blog struggling, you should check out the above points and implement them on your blog. It will help you create better content, engage with your audiences and ensure your blog has a professional feel to it.