March 01, 2017

Several Tips to Write about Your Love

A young romantic guy, or even a mature but no less romantic man, can be confused: how to say, “I love you”? Excitement, uncertainty, painful feelings in the past make this task a real torture. The simplest way – to tell these words looking straight into her eyes is not suitable for everyone. It requires sufficient self-confidence and some experience in such confessions. In order not to lose the chance of a successful relationship, you can write a letter to the girl – a decorative handwriting on a special paper, e-mail, or just a simple note. If you keep a long-distance relationship online and practice Russian ladies dating, use snail mail to send your love letter to your girlfriend. It’s the most romantic indirect way of revealing your feelings.

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Several Tips to Write about Your Love : eAskme
Several Tips to Write about Your Love : eAskme

1). A classic letter on paper.

In order not just to speak out but also to impress the girl, you should take a careful approach to all the components of writing a paper letter.

First of all, it is paper – you should better find a decorative paper. Nowadays, only a few people are sending letters, and such a paper becomes an increasingly rare thing.

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You can order such a miracle online on special websites for creativity. So, do not neglect this wonderful idea. If you are ready to do your best to get her positive response, you can try to find ink, and write a letter in it. Ink in combination with the decorative handwriting will look really amazing and elegant. Perhaps, it will be so cute that you cannot bother much about writing itself, the initial visual effect will be quite strong to impress her.

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Don’t forget that almost the real effect of ink can give: gel pens; blue and violet paints, applied by a thin brush; thin markers with a sharp tip. Well, if you are a magician, you will find an envelope made of parchment, a special wax for the envelope and a stamp with an embossed heart – no matter how you write to the girl, if she has a developed aesthetic taste, then her delight is guaranteed.

2). E-mail

If you do not want to write a classic paper variant, or if you are communicating with the girl via the Internet, and you are sure that your virtual message will not get lost in spam, you can write an expressive electronic message. This message can also be decorated visually. There is a whole range of online services with ready-made templates that you can customize to your own way. Working skills in the programs like Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop will not be superfluous.

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Nevertheless, in the case of an e-mail, you should pay more attention to the actual contents of the message. Certainly, this task is not for the computer. Therefore, perhaps, spend several evenings reading the love correspondence of famous poets and writers, since they have always been knowledgeable in such things. This will greatly simplify the task of writing to the girl and hitting her heart.

3). Love note

After all, if you are a student or an office worker, a very simple and short love note on a piece of paper can be a very nice and pleasant variant. Alas, there is a risk that such a method will expose you to be frivolous in her eyes. On the other hand – a classical paper letter can scare her with its pomposity, and an electronic letter can make you a wrong image.

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But what should you write to the girl in a note when in fact such a format assumes the maximum shortness? The most obvious option is simply "I love you". This variant doesn’t give any alternative interpretations, and she will understand exactly what you want to tell her.

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A method of writing a letter depends on the nature of the girl. If she is quite ordinary and sociable, perhaps the note will be the best option, she may like the simple, human expression of emotions. If she is an aesthete, who stylishly dresses and drinks exotic alcoholic beverages – a beautiful paper letter should be chosen. And it's clear that if a girl is with a technical mindset, practical and responsible, it is better to send an e-mail.

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