How to Be a Successful Instagrammer?

Everyone you know is on Instagram. Your next door neighbor, the annoying kid from school, the nerd from the library and the handsome hunk from swimming classes. However, you are still struggling to avoid the iffy and attract the attention of the hotshots. In short, you are still trying to crack the Insta code that will get your thousands of likes per posts and thousands of followers as well.

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How to Be a Successful Instagrammer? : eAskme
How to Be a Successful Instagrammer? : eAskme
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Social media is a “waste of time” according to the true adults. That is because they have o
nly seen the easy side of it.

The next time your mom says, you are wasting your time on that phone; challenge her to get more than a hundred likes on any of her photos, recipes or DIY projects. Instagram is funny that way.

It seems like a walk in the park, yet it will make you sweat and grovel to get a decent number of likes and followers. It is tricky, multi-layered, nuanced and highly unpredictable (quite like the US Presidential elections).

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Why are people after social media success?

In the 21stcentury, there are some ways to become a celeb. You do not have to show up at Met Galas and Red Carpet events, you do not have to star in billion dollar flicks, and you do not need to have your reality show.

Having the rightly timed posts with thousands of likes and millions of followers is enough to get you places. Being a social media celeb has its perks.

You will enjoy the limelight wherever you go; you will get endorsements from designer brands, you will enjoy a luxurious lifestyle that comes with stardom, and all you have to do in return is post a few selfies.

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Sounds very easy, right? WRONG! Being a social media celeb is one of the toughest jobs in the world. If you are new on Instagram, you possibly understand what we are trying to say here. Getting a thousand likes and holding onto them in your following posts is extremely tight.

90% of Instagram followers have very short attention spans, and they love to stay trendy. This means you have to be at the top of your game, always. If you do not update your trends, hashtagging games and your selfie styles you will fall behind. Moreover, who wants to see fall fashion in spring anyway?

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Try these 5 points to garner your fame and followers on Instagram to make the most of your social media profile –

1.    Create your community –

Open your Instagram account and check the profiles of most social influencers in your feed. Most of them have their community. Even Simon's Cat and The Real Grumpy Cat have their communities going. This is the easiest way to curate people/Instagram users with the same interests.

Posting in a community or tagging the community members is a like magnet. A community is a common denominator that will unite your followers. Do not forget to reply and react to comments and shared images. This will keep your account active and at the top of every newsfeed.

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2.    Try out the new features –

Do you remember how crazy everyone went when Boomerang first came? Well, that’s what we are talking about. Become obsessed with every new feature until you can update your content using new filters and new gallery settings in your sleep.

Adopt the new functions as soon as they launch to keep your personal content colorful. This will give you a distinct edge since Instagrammers usually take a couple of weeks to catch up to new trends. Stay tuned to Instagram blogs. This will make you a whiff of all new features and upcoming updates.

3.    Find consistency, create a content flow –

Instagram is a blogging site whether you accept it or not. When it comes to blogging, people want a distinct coherence and regularity. You can start by setting up your content publishing schedule. Planning is the key to success, and all social media patrons know it by now.

Getting real Instagram likes is not a matter of popularity; it is a question of strategy. The content calendar will provide an approach to your activities and structure to your content. Your potential followers are waiting for consistent content that is predictable regarding publication date and time.

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4.    Make use of social influencers –

Selena Gomez has over 100 million followers on Instagram. This makes her the perfect example of a social media influencer. If so many people follow her, it is a given that when she takes an interest in your content, the millions will see your content as well.

However, this is just a daydream since these influencers have their feed filled with requests, tags and much more. You can aim at smaller but significant social media influencers, who take an interest in your field of work, share your common passions or who will take notice of your presence. The strategy is to market yourself as a brand and use these social influencers are endorsers.

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5.    Use smart tools to boost your followers and likes –

Likes attract likes and followers bring in more fans. If you have spent months on Instagram looking for new followers, try one of the smart tools that give you real likes and real-life followers on social media.

Tools like Like4Like and Union Metrics are ideal for social media brands that are seeking recognition. It is perfect for corporate brands as well as for individuals who are in love with social media marketing.

These new tools bring a new world of opportunities to brands and companies looking for a high ROI from Instagram.

These 5 points should help you make your mark in the world of social media marketing. These points are ideal for Instagram users who are here for the first time in search of some fortune and fame. Starting marketing on Instagram can become a child's play if you have these strategies in place.
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