October 01, 2018

Algorithms Unseen Force Shaping Lives

If I told you that an algorithm runs your life how would you feel? I know it sounds outrageous,but they are present in almost every digital aspect of our lives. A lot of us are in possession of a smartphone or a laptop. These devices have become an integral part of our lives. For businesses, Google’s algorithms are shaping lives in more ways than one can imagine.

Algorithms Unseen Force Shaping Lives: eAskme
Algorithms Unseen Force Shaping Lives: eAskme
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What is an algorithm?

People come across this word algorithm,but they have zero idea what it is. An algorithm is a list of instructions that can help you solve a problem.

For instance how to tie a tie. An algorithm for this task would be:-
  • Start with the backside.
  • Wide endunder small end on the left back side.
  • Across the small end to the right.
  • Down the loop made at the front.
  • Pull down and tighten.
Algorithms are very crucial in our digital world. They can mostly be associated with Google searches, Facebook pages and other digital platforms. These are the most obvious platform which uses algorithms.

However, before algorithms were associated with Google, they were only used by mathematicians.

A Look at How algorithms Run our Lives:

Here is how search engine algorithm can influence how we interact with the world.


Almost every person has consulted the google search engine. Whether you are looking for the recipe for a cup of tea or buying online Google is practically running our lives.

It is said that Google is one of the prominent influencers of our lives. So, this begs the question how does the Google algorithm work?

Google was initially known as PageRank(PR), founded in 1990 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in California. PR was the solution people needed to class pages on the internet.

Google uses a dozen algorithms to handle crucial tasks such as spam and detecting copyright offenses.

Google crawlers determine which website should be displayed at the top of the search engine based on a few aspects. They include:-


In 2018 Facebook has over 2.23 active users. The social media giant it uses a more complex algorithm to personalize everyone's Facebook experience.

For instance, the algorithm will construct a feed depending on how much a user will interact with their friends. As long as there is high-frequency interaction the algorithm will show the users friends in the posts.

The feed service collects lists of friends and posts according to your friend list. However, there is a problem with such a system. The algorithms have not been built to distinguish the truth from false.

During the previous US presidential elections, Mark Zuckerberg was hit with a conspiracy. His company came under criticism after it was accused of influencing the poll results. It was said that Facebook was used as a tool to spread misinformation.

However, Zuckerberg had to assure users that all their data was secured. In addition, they added more tools which would help users detect and report misinformation.

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