July 29, 2019

Security Awareness: All About Monitored Security Systems and its Pros and Cons

By Sona Mathews
It’s essential to know how security systems work before investing your money on them. Also, it’s basic knowledge that all systems work to protect and keep your home safe from criminals. Home security systems come with security devices, and the most common ones are surveillance, fire alarms, and burglar alarms.

Every home security devices have a central panel which controls each device according to their use.

Security Awareness: All About Monitored Security Systems and its Pros and Cons: eAskme
Security Awareness: All About Monitored Security Systems and its Pros and Cons: eAskme

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In addition to that, security systems have different types and function, and one is the monitored security systems.

To make sure that a system can protect your belongings, family, and your property is as essential as protecting your life.

With these factors in mind, you need to do your research to find the right security system for your property.

For you to choose correctly, here are the basic types of monitored security systems.

The Monitored Security Systems

One of the most popular systems available in the market is the monitored security system.

This type of system works typically by alerting a call center, which then calls the authorities or emergency team whenever there’s a robbery or intrusion within the property.

Monitored systems come with two types, the self-monitored and company monitored security systems.

Self-Monitored System

Self-monitored security systems are those you can control and monitor yourself.

You’ll have most of the authority to set its functions according to your likeness.

This type of system has security devices which include door sensors, sirens, motion sensors, and security cameras.

If you want full detailed reviews about home security systems, you can ask a professional for assistance.

In addition to that, you can control this type of system remotely.

So, there is a number off smartphone applications you can download for it to function remotely.

You can also set your alarms if you want your system to directly notify the nearest authorities or even neighbors to check on your property.

Although self-monitored systems are efficient and modern, it still has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Pros of Self-monitored Security Systems

  • Most self-monitored systems in the market are affordable. Various systems could cost you a fortune, but choosing self-monitored systems may help you save a little money.

  • This type of system is efficient in its own way. While you can install this on your own, you can also relocate them whenever you need to. This way, if you buy a new house, you can easily transfer the security system.

  • Every time the alarm triggers, you’ll get notified eventually through your phone or other devices. This way, you could get help quickly from the authorities.

  • Their surveillance system can work wonders as it can record and monitor video evidence of intrusion or robbery.

Cons of Self-Monitored Security Systems

  • While you can control this system remotely, you might miss an intruder or trespasser if you don’t have cellular service.

  • Their surveillance cameras can cover a limited range only. So if you have a large property, you might miss some corners of your home.

  • Most self-monitored systems don’t have an alarm that can deter intruders.

  • This type of system won’t work if you don’t have a wifi connection at home. So most self-monitored systems don’t work when there’s a power outage.

  • If you wish to cover all the blind spots in your property, you might need to spend more money, and it will become more expensive on your side.

Company-Monitored Security Systems

Company-monitored systems are for professionals.

This means that only a professional home security provider the authority to control a company-monitored security system.

This type of system has devices such as glass-break sensors, surveillance cameras, door sensors, motion detectors, and alarms.

In case of intrusion, the alarm will trigger and directly notifies the call center of the company.

The company will be responsible for calling you in terms of emergency.

If you don’t answer their call within a set amount of time, they will automatically dispatch an emergency responder at your home.

To know more about company-monitored systems, here are its pros and cons.

Pros of Company-Monitored Systems

  • If installed properly, a company-monitored system can cover most of the corners of your home. So, you won’t have to worry if there are any blind spots.

  • Unlike self-monitored security systems, this type of systems has back-up batteries in their security devices. This way, you’re home will still be safe when there’s a power outage.

  • You don’t need any wifi connection or cellular service to monitor your property.

  • This type of system has alarms which can deter intruders and burglars. This way, you can prevent further damages on your property.

Cons of Company-Monitored Systems

  • The authorities may charge you for a false alarm if they can’t find any evidence of robbery or intrusion.

  • If the alarm triggers by accident, you need to answer the call from the company and disable it before they dispatch the authorities.

  • Most company-monitored systems have contracts and payments for monthly monitoring services.

  • You need to set the alarm before you go to sleep or go out of the house, or else it won’t work.


There are various types of security system in the market today, and each of them has its own feature and benefits.

So, before you decide to buy one, make sure you know the advantages and risks of having one.

This way, you can find a more suitable security system to protect your property from burglars.

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