Planning to Opt for Virtual Instructor led Training? Reasons You Should Do It Now

With every person today being a web user, it’s already an established fact that e-learning is the latest learning trend and shall continue to dominate.

Hence, it’s futile to shed light once again on the importance of e-learning and how it is transforming the way people consume knowledge.

But, did you know that it is the virtual instructor led training which is doing the rounds now? We bet, you didn’t!

Planning to Opt for Virtual Instructor led Training? Reasons You Should Do It Now: eAskme\
Planning to Opt for Virtual Instructor led Training? Reasons You Should Do It Now: eAskme

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Just like cups and saucers, e-learning and virtual instructor led training go hand in hand.

Virtual instructor led training or VILT is nothing but a blended approach wherein online training is conducted via experienced professionals using an online virtual classroom which enables complete interaction with the learners just like a traditional offline physical classroom which can be accessed both via mobile and computer.

Moreover, the learners are also able to chat and engage with each other and the instructors via various visual and audio tools.

Now that you have an idea of what VILT actually is, let’s bring to the forefront the reasons you must use VILT as a part of your e-learning. Read on to know!

Overcomes all geographical barriers

While most of the learning delivered today is while we are on the go, preparing interactive powerpoint presentations or notes won’t suffice as this sort of information delivery process is just one sided and tends to get monotonous after a certain point in time.

This scenario is similar to traditional classroom based approach wherein students are unable to retain information since what is delivered is too much for them and they tend to get bored of the instructor as well at times.

Thus, VILT offers a middle ground as it is a blended approach which eliminates any boredom and connects people from all across the world with each other and the instructor thereby overcoming any geographical barriers making the overall process engaging and interactive.

With VILT, users and instructors from anywhere across the globe can connect with each other and experience a virtual classroom at the convenience of their respective locations.

Interactive and Engaging

As mentioned already, VILT is a blended approach combining aspects of both elearning and traditional learning hence it more engaging.

It’s a two way communication wherein students can freely ask questions, bring up their queries, express their opinions to which instructors can easily respond and continue delivering the desired information further.

Moreover, students can make notes, share important files with each other and this is yet another aspect which makes the process interactive and interesting.

Instructors on the other hand can easily demonstrate best practices and fix errors for students via remote lab control.

In addition, there are various VILT content providers today which leave no stone unturned to make the process all the more exciting for both learners and instructors.

Track students performance in real time

With the help of VILT, instructors are able to track user’s performance via built in tools.

They can easily keep a tab from the time they were in the VILT classroom, what questions they asked, answered, what discussions they were a part of, and also the documents they downloaded.

Additionally, you are also able to display real-time feedback to an individual and a group.

Hence, with VILT it is much easier to ensure if users are actively participating in the education and provide instant feedback to them in real time.

Switching to and using VILT is simple

Many people believe that switching to VILT is a cumbersome task however it is not the case. It is actually the opposite which is true as switching to VILT involves just four easy steps.

These are: selecting virtual online training software after comparing the ones present in the market, making local computer labs available online, adding VILT specific slides to your existing in-person curriculum and lastly, running practice classes.

Apart from this, there are various simple and easy to use tools to create engaging content which will prove to be valuable for your users.

So, what are you waiting for?

Create happy and engaged learners today by making the shift to VILT and you’ll realize it was all worth the effort!

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