July 16, 2022

10 Best Readability Tools to Check Your SEO Content

Content Strategy is not just about writing but is the strategy where every single point matters the most.

The most common content strategy aspects are;
  • Readability

  • Sentence structure

  • Grammar

  • LSI

  • Keyword Distribution

  • Formation

  • WordCount
Your focus on these factors can bring a huge difference in your content strategy.

Top 10 Best Readability Tools to Check Your SEO Content: eAskme
Top 10 Best Readability Tools to Check Your SEO Content: eAskme

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It is not easy to manually master these factors.

This is the time when you need tools that will help you to do the job effectively.

To make things easy for you, I am sharing top 10 content writing tools for SEO to improve the readability of your content.

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

Enter the keyword or query to check the aggregated score according to the following factors;
  • Readability

  • Tone

  • Word Count

  • Reading Time

  • Long Words

  • Hard to read sentences
SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant tool also allows you to set the desired readability level you want to achieve with your optimized content.

You can also customize the tone of voice option such as casual or formal and check the plagiarized score.

You can also check the questions that you should add in your content.

I recommend you to use the recommended keywords option of SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant and get 20 phrases used in the top-ranking comments.

Yoast SEO for WordPress

Yoast is one of the most commonly used and recommended SEO tool for WordPress. It is there to help you optimize the content according to SEO metrics.

It also shows the readability score with the answer to how to improve the readability score.

Yoast SEO content readability score also shows the report including;

  • Ease of reading

  • Voice

  • Sentence length

  • Paragraph length

  • Sentence structure

  • Transition words

  • Subheading distribution

SearchMetrics Content Experience

SearchMetrics Content Experience is one of the best tools to check readability score such as repetition, structure, word count, etc. based on target keywords.

This is one of the best SEO content marketing tools.

You can use this tool to get details such as what is the best time to publish the content, keyword selection and user intent.

eAskme Word Counter and Readability checker:

Word Counter and readability checker is there to make it is for you to check multiple things in one go.

You can check;
  • Characters count
  • Sentences count
  • Words count
  • Reading time
  • Number of paragraphs, and
  • check readability score

WebFX Readability Tool:

There is no doubt that WebFX Readability Tool is a pure readability tool. It’s the complete focus is on improving the readability score of your content.

You enter your url or paste your content into this tool.

It will generate a report that will show you;

  • Readability index score

  • SMOG index

  • Flesch-Kincaid grade level

  • Flesch reading ease

  • Gunning Fog Score

  • Coleman-Liau Index score

Not only that but you can also check;

  • Word Count

  • Complex word Count

  • % of Complex words

  • Number of sentences

  • Average syllabus per word

  • Average words per sentence

Text Optimizer:

Do you want to check the health of your content? If yes, then text optimizer is for you.

For those who are new the world of content optimization and SEO, this is one of the best tools for them.

You can use this tool with ease without any technical knowledge. It will help you create excellent content.

You can get suggestions of words, word count, sentence length and verbs.

It also shows you the words that you should remove to increase the ranking score of your content.

Readability Analyzer:

Readbility Analyzer tool will help you to work on the reading level of your content.

You will get scores based on Fry readability level, SMOG Grade, Flesh-Kincaid Grade level, Funning Fog Scale Level, Flesh Reading Ease, etc.


Grammarly is another popular addition to this list of best readability tools to check sec content score.

It not only helps you work on grammar but also give you a fix to get rid of mediocre content.

It will mark the complex sentences and force you o fix them for better readability.

You can set the goal %.

You can also choose from different content types such as casual, business, creative, technical, academic, etc.

Grammarly also warns you about using passive words.

Hemingway App:

It is time to work on the technical aspects of your content writing.

Install the Hemingway app and paste your content to find out;

  • Readability level

  • Concise language opportunities

  • Passive voice

  • Adverbs

  • Difficult sentences

  • Word Count

  • Character Count

  • Time to read the content

Bulk SEO Tools:

Do you know what more you can do than just readability test to improve the performance of your content?

Work on overall optimization of the content.

And, this is where Bulk SEO tools will help you.

It helps you add suffixes or prefixes and get rid of the duplicate text, line breaks.

Cliché Finder:

Have you ever thought about clichés?

Cliches can burn the overall readability of your content.

Cliches make your content annoying.

Cliche Finder is a free tool that will help you get rid of clichés in your content.

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