October 20, 2019

Can You Create a Website without any Landing Page?

Everything has become nowadays, and people started to think differently to market their products. The different strategies, suggestions and opinions of the people have taken the digital marketing field to the whole new level.

The area of digital marketing has introduced some techniques in which people cannot deny from doing certain things that were kept or purpose.

Can You Create a Website without any Landing Page?: eAskme
Can You Create a Website without any Landing Page?: eAskme

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In this article, we will see about the basics of landing pages, how the landing pages work and also the usage of landing pages.

So without any delay, let’s get into the article directly and discuss the topics.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page in a website that is used to convert the visitors of the site into the leads.

These pages are very different from other pages.

Usually, the landing pages fall into two categories.
  • In the first one, it exchanges visitor’s information for the desired offer.
  • Otherwise, it warms up the customer to buy the products.

These landing pages are also very relevant in diverting the traffic towards our website or any other specific webpage.

Are landing pages important?

The landing pages are generally used to increase number of view and leads towards your website.

It is an advertising campaign that attracts people to buy their desired product or to look upon something they admire.

Would I need a website for a landing page?

The short answer for this question is No. You don’t need a website for creating a landing page.

The landing page is a stand-alone page, and hence it does not require any landing page.

If you want, you can create a landing page as there is much software available online.

This software also helps people to create a landing page at free of cost. In case you need a website, with the help of this landing page, you can create a simple website.

This website can be used as a temporary website otherwise as a permanent one if it satisfies all the needs.

As the main aim of the business to gather as many leads as possible, then it is obvious that a landing page is enough to gather a maximum number of leads.

Creating a website without any landing pages

We can create as many websites without landing pages. If the website is apart from the business view, then it is totally normal to create a website without any landing pages.

But when it comes to business pages, how can people expect to shine in their business without marketing their website?

The answer is very lame for this type of question.

The only way to attain a maximum number of leads and profit in your business profile website, then the best approach is to have at least one or two landing pages for your website.

A way to obtain a number of leads

Just imagine, if you have more than one landing page on your website when a visitor visits your website, he can visit on any page of the website.

If the visitor search for a specific site name, then the visitor will automatically be directed towards the website’s homepage. Then the home page is the landing page of a particular website.

In case if you are directly asking a question, then you will be landing on any article or content page of any particular website.

Then here, the purpose will be fulfilled by answering the query. If you want to know about the contact details.

Then you will click on the contact slide. It will take you to the page, where all contact details are available.

Here the contact page is the landing page.

Wrapping up

Well, in this article we have seen about the basic, usage and pros of using a landing page for a website. And also we have discussed the brighter side of having a landing page on your website.

They will eventually help us to increase our profit through your website.

And also help your business to reach out to a maximum number of people. Hustlelife's article will give you a brief explanation of sales funnel, which is so much attached to gaining a maximum amount of leads.

The revenue of your website can also be increased by using a sales funnel.

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