October 10, 2020

How to Build Links That Only Get Better with the Time?

By Sona Mathews

Do you want to build links? What type of links are you building? Are you building links or earning backlinks? Are the links you are building doing good for your business or harming or organic presence?
When you are building links, you are either doing it right or wrong. It all depends upon your link building approach.

Like a martial artist, Link building experts also need years of experience to understand link building quality and principles.

How to Build Links That Only Get Better with the Time: eAskme
How to Build Links That Only Get Better with the Time: eAskme

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You need to meet with a ton of different links to determine which type is the best for you or your client.

When building a ton of backlinks every month, the risk of building bad backlinks is always there.

Your work and experience will help you understand what types of links are not worthy.

A new link builder will count every single link he is building as a useful link, but only a professional eye with an analytical approach can understand the links' worth.

Tip: Even the Entrepreneur and Forbes links are useless for SEO if they do not add real value to the site and user experience.

Now the question is how to build links that have SEO benefits?

The only approach you need to follow here is to build links that get better with time or add more value to the site quality.

Is the guest post the weakest link building strategy?

Guest posting is still one of the most popular strategies to build links. But 90% of people are building weak links with guest posts.

There is no doubt that Google count these links, and they help you gain authority. But they do nto add any SEO benefit.

It is because; Google knows that which link is coming from the guest post.

Almost all the links fall under this category.

When you are building links from high authority sites, you will get lesser value.

And the reason is that people are selling links like hotcakes.

Links from the site that offer fewer guest post opportunities are way better than the site, which accepts hundreds of guest posts every month.

But, if your blog authority is at the lowest stage, you can benefit from every link you are building from high authority sites.

Tip: If you want first-page ranking, you need to build more links than the articles you publish on your blog.

Links from Sites Ranking for Variety of Keywords:

Most of the SEOs target sites with high authority to get backlinks.

Building links from relevant sites is a good practice, but it has its limits.

For example; If you are targeting multiniche sites to build links for your eCommerce website. Then your focus should be on getting links from the pages with relevant organic traffic. Otherwise, it will not help you in any way.

Support pages:

The fact is that getting links from the High Authority article bring better results.

To ensure that the links you are building are of high quality, you need to help those sites and their pages by building links.

The more links you build for the page where your link is posted, the more authority your site will gain.

You can take the help of SEO tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and SEMrush to find the website's top linked pages and then earn backlinks from such pages.

Getting links from top authority pages is not easy. You need to follow some outreach strategies for this.

Final Words:

Now, you know what type of links are more beneficial for your blog or website. And how you can earn links that get better with the time.

Getting links from top linked pages will surely help you build links positively.

If you still have any question, ask me via comments.

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